Governments greasing wheels in robotics

The South Korean government funded Samsung $14.8M to develop and manufacture industrial robots; the US FDA just gave approval to Corindus Vascular Robotics for a new medical device; and the US FAA s...
21 October 2015, by

Purdue gets $6 million to develop robotic pruning for grapes, apples | Purdue Agriculture News

“Each year, fruit growers spend about 20 percent of their labor costs on pruning vines and trees. Peter Hirst, an associate professor of horticulture, is leading a program to develop and improve...
06 November 2012, by

DARPA-led consortium casts a wide net

A consortium of U.S. government agencies, lead by DARPA, has jointly issued a solicitation for small business proposals: Joint-Agency SBIR Funding Opportunity Announcement.   The participating ...
31 October 2010, by

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