Robocar news: Waymo starts pilot in Phoenix, Apple car gets more real, and the flying car takes off

Waymo (Google) has announced a pilot project in Phoenix offering a full ride service in their new minivans. Members of the public can sign up — the link is sure to be overwhelmed with applicants, bu...
26 April 2017, by

No, Detroit is not winning the robocar race

A new report from Navigant Research includes the chart shown below, ranking various teams on the race to robocar deployment. It’s causing lots of press headlines about how Ford is the top company an...
05 April 2017, by

California publishes robocar intervention reports: Google/Waymo vastly outpaces competition

California published its summary of all the reports submitted by vendors testing robocars in the state. You can read the individual reports. They are interesting, but several other outlines have creat...
08 February 2017, by

Google car is now Waymo

Google’s car project (known as “Chauffeur”) kickstarted the entire robocar revolution, and Google has put in more work, for longer, than anybody. The car was also the first project of what becam...
14 December 2016, by

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