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Bioinspired robotics #3: Wearables, with Conor Walsh

In the Disruptive Podcast series, Terrence McNally speaks directly with Wyss Institute researchers, exploring what motivates them and how they envision our future as might be impacted by their disrup...
01 December 2015, by

New wrist-mounted device augments the human hand with two robotic fingers | MIT News Researchers at MIT have developed a robot that enhances the grasping motion of the human hand. The device, worn around one’s wrist, works essentially like two extra fing...
18 July 2014, by

Robots: The “ables” of the next technology trend

The report is out – there should be rejoicing up and down robot street! Why? Because one of the tech industry’s most respected analysts is being very bullish about robots as the next technology tr...
11 June 2013, by

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