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Vote for your favourite AI video – AAAI Video Competition People’s Choice Award

February 1, 2016

You get to decide the winner of the People’s Choice Award for the AI Video Competition 2016!

Voting is simple, just give all your favorite videos a “thumbs up” on YouTube (you may need to click through to youtube to vote). The video with the most thumbs up will be awarded the People’s Choice Award at the AAAI-16 Video Competition Award Ceremony on February 15 in Phoenix, Arizona. Voting closes on February 14 at midnight (Arizona time).

The goal of the competition is to show the world how much fun AI is by documenting exciting artificial intelligence advances in research, education, and application.

And make sure to spread the word – feel free to embed the videos or share through social media. Last year’s videos were viewed over 1 million times!

You can watch all the videos from this year’s competition here, or watch them below.

Sabine Hauert
President & Co-founder
Sabine Hauert is President of Robohub and Associate Professor at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory

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