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WeRobot 2015 Panel 2: Robot passports, with Anupam Chander

June 11, 2015
image: hjl/flickr
image: hjl/flickr

Anupam Chander’s paper, “Robots, the Internet of Things and the future of trade,” is the first effort to locate and analyze these complimentary technologies within an international trading framework. In this We Robot 2015 panel titled Robot Passports, Chander asks whether international law – that ultimately seeks to liberalize the exchange of both goods and services – can help stave off attempts to erect border barriers to this new type of trade.

Goods and information services can both be defined as smart objects of the 21st century and are thus are subject to multiple means of government protectionism, but also trade liberalization.

WeRobot 2015 Panel 2: “Robot Passports”
Author: Anupam Chander
Discussant: Ann Bartow

Tech Policy Lab University of Washington
guest author
Tech Policy Lab University of Washington is a unique, interdisciplinary collaboration at the University of Washington.

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