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Robotics, artificial intelligence, connected devices in ‘Forbes 30 under 30’

Forbes “30 under 30″ list celebrates the achievements of 30 game changers in 20 different industries -- 600 in total -- of the brightest young entrepreneurs and innovators who are challenging conv...
24 January 2017, by

New U.S. Robotics Roadmap calls for regulation, research and education

A new U.S. Robotics Roadmap released Oct. 31 calls for better policy frameworks to safely integrate new technologies, such as self-driving cars and commercial drones, into everyday life. The document...
11 November 2016, by

How Industry 4.0 and Pokémon Go met halfway on the road to maximizing the IoT

You may be reloading this page trying to figure out if the title of this blog post got mixed up with something else. No, you read it correctly, I am going to outline similarities between Industry 4.0 ...
18 July 2016, by and

Why businesses must get ready for the era of robotic things

We’ve entered a period of epic technological transformation that is impacting society in ways that are leaving even veteran tech observers speechless. In some ways, it might seem like 1998 all over ...
27 May 2016, by

IoT may be 2016’s hot new trend, but in industrial robotics it’s been around for a decade

As everyone starts to look for "the big technology trends of 2016", it seems that one technology is overshadowing all others - the Internet of Things. We take a look at why robotics is actually ahead ...
06 January 2016, by and

WeRobot 2015 Panel 2: Robot passports, with Anupam Chander

Anupam Chander’s paper, “Robots, the Internet of Things and the future of trade,” is the first effort to locate and analyze these complimentary technologies within an international trading frame...

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What would you want your robot home to do for you?

The devices that we interact with in our everyday lives are getting 'smarter': we wear smart watches, carry smart phones, and many of us are now living in smart homes that are equipped with intellige...
14 October 2014, by

What do Google, Amazon, IBM, Apple, Microsoft and all the airlines and car companies want?

They want to communicate more accurately, resolve issues faster and with higher levels of satisfaction than at present. They also want to enable more complex communication. And they want to do it amia...
03 February 2014, by

The Twitternet of things? | Digital Trends

Spambots are a vile scourge, but other bots on Twitter could turn out to be enormously helpful. Read more on Digital Trends....
25 March 2013, by

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