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Sabine Hauert
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Sabine Hauert is a Human Frontier Science Program Cross-Disciplinary fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she aims to build swarms of nanoparticles to treat cancer. She received a PhD in aerial swarm robotics from the EPFL’s Laboratory of Intelligent Systems and before that completed a Masters degree in Computer Science from the same university.

Passionate about science communication, Sabine joined Talking Robots in 2007 and later co-founded the ROBOTS podcast and the supporting ROBOTS Association where she served as President from 2010 to today. As interviewer, she has had the opportunity to discuss research, art, education, and business with over 100 roboticists. As of 2010, Sabine serves as Media Editor on the Board of Autonomous Robots (Springer) where she communicates about the latest publications in robotics research through the Autonomous Robots Blog.

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