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Péter Fankhauser

| ETH Zurich | ANYbotics | LinkedIn

Péter Fankhauser is a PhD student at ETH Zurich in robotics and co-founder of ANYbotics. His group develops four-legged robots capable of running at high speeds and climbing over obstacles. Péter’s current work focusses on the mapping, control and motion planning of these systems. Péter graduated with a Master’s degree from ETH Zurich in 2012 and took courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Tohoku University in Japan. For his Bachelor’s degree, he led a team of thirteen students in the development of the robot Rezero that drives on a single ball while interacting with people. Setting new standards in the performance of similar robots, his team was invited to conferences worldwide and Péter has given talks at TED and Zurich Minds. In the future, Péter would like to combine his passion for robotics and entrepreneurship in creating innovative products.

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