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Building a 7 axis robot from scratch

Do you fancy making yourself an industrial robot to enjoy at home? Jeremy Fielding, a passionate fan of mechanical engineering, did. So he built one. Good news is: he’s preparing a series of videos to teach you the whole process from scratch. How much power do you need to run 7 motors at one time? If you lose power, how do you prevent the arm from collapsing on you or dropping the load? How do you keep the cost down? He’s recorded over 100 hours of video, and he’s planning to teach you how he used the servo motors, how you can use them for your projects and how he designed his 7 axis, articulated robot.

Jeremy’s aim (website, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram) is simple: draw people to engineering with amazing projects, inspire them with ideas, then teach them how to do it. And for this video series, he’s also looking for your collaboration. So if you’ve got experience and knowledge on building this type of robots and you’d like to share it, maybe you end up being part of the series!

We’d like to thank Black in Robotics for making it possible for us to discover Jeremy. Here’s the video Jeremy has released to introduce his project:

Check out Jeremy’s YouTube channel to discover many more instructional videos. You can also support his work on Patreon.

Daniel Carrillo-Zapata
Managing Editor
Daniel Carrillo-Zapata was awared his PhD in swarm robotics at the Bristol Robotics Lab in 2020. He now fosters the culture of "scientific agitation" to engage in two-way conversations between researchers and society.

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