Dan O’Mara: Turning Robotics Education on its Head | Sense Think Act Podcast #19

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to Dan O'Mara, who is the founder and COO of Circuit Launch and Mechlabs. Circuit Launch is a space for hardware entrepreneurs to work in Oakland, California, and M...

Building a 7 axis robot from scratch

Do you fancy making yourself an industrial robot to enjoy at home? Jeremy Fielding, a passionate fan of mechanical engineering, did. So he built one. Good news is: he's preparing a series of videos to...
11 April 2021, by



Misty II: A Robotics Platform for Developers, with Ian Bernstein

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks with Ian Bernstein, Founder and Head of Product at Misty Robotics, about a robotics platform designed for developers called Misty II.  Bernstein discusses the moti...
07 April 2019, by



Open Source Prosthetic Leg, with Elliott Rouse

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Elliott Rouse, Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan, about an open-source prosthetic leg—that is a robotic knee and ankle. Rouse’s goal is to p...
06 January 2018, by



Robot Academy, with Peter Corke

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Peter Corke, Professor of Robotics at the Queensland University of Technology and Director of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision, about Robot Academy. Rob...
22 July 2017, by

The cheap arm project: An affordable, open-source robotics project

What do you get when you put together wood and rope? Well according to Plymouth University's Professor Guido Bugmann: a low-cost, open source, 2 meter tall robot! All buildable for under £2000. The C...
30 March 2017, by and

UgCS photogrammetry technique for UAV land surveying missions

 UgCS is easy-to-use software for planning and flying UAV drone-survey missions. It supports almost any UAV platform, providing convenient tools for areal and linear surveys and enabling direct ...
09 March 2017, by

NAIST OpenHand M2S released

The NAIST OpenHand M2S was developed by a team of students as part of the school’s annual CICP project (read the blog post about it here), in which students can propose and organize their own resear...
16 February 2017, by

Mapping in the Cloud

UPDATE: New video of a collaborative, cloud-based mapping experiment. Mapping is essential for mobile robots and a cornerstone of many more robotics applications that require a robot to interact with...
23 December 2013, by and

Breaking it down with the DanceBot: Getting started with electronics

The MP3 DanceBot is a little robot that dances to the beat of your music. It’s a project that began in the summer of 2011 to introduce students to the basics of electronics and robotics. Students le...
12 October 2013, by

My pathway to robotics

My name is Jaidyn Edwards. I am eighteen years old and live in South Australia. For me, being interested in robotics was part of an evolutionary process built upon a few core interests I had as a chil...
25 September 2013, by

Making a WALL-E robot We take you now to sunny, southern California, where a small group of enthusiasts has constructed a very realistic, Arduino-based replica of Pixar's WALL-E, entirely fro...
07 August 2013, by

Campus Party Europe comes to the O2 in London September 2-7

Up to 10,000 young geeks from across Europe will camp out in tents and sleeping bags for five days of intense 24/7 hacking, networking and elbow-rubbing with experts from some of the world's most infl...
12 July 2013, by

Up and flying with the AR.Drone and ROS: Handling feedback

This is the third tutorial in the Up and flying with the AR.Drone and ROS series. In this tutorial we will: Learn about the AR.Drone's state feedback (and how it is handled by ROS) Learn a...
01 July 2013, by

VLAB: Drones – The commercial era takes off, but breaking the law is going to blow-up in our faces

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending VLAB: Drones – The Commercial Era Takes Off at Stanford GSB. The event was truly fantastic and the panel was amazing. The moderator was Chris Anderson,...
26 March 2013, by

How to build a robot arm out of cardboard | CNET

Tired of picking things up off the floor? Want to turn your living space into a life-sized claw machine game? A new Instructable shows you how to turn a bunch of old boxes into a robotic crane arm wit...
25 March 2013, by

Chris Anderson, Marc Raibert and Steven Cousins at Engadget Expand Event

"Moore's Law has never moved faster than is moving inside the phone you've already got in your pocket. The pace of development and the price performance curve is moving faster in smartphones than it's...
19 March 2013, by

MotherboardTV documentary on drones This video, by MotherboardTV, was posted on YouTube in early December, but, at just over 50,000 views, it hasn't yet reached the audience it deserves. Not knowing muc...
09 February 2013, by

SparkFun’s headlong, patent-free approach to product design | Wired Design

“Electronics supplier SparkFun designs dozens of products a year and they haven't patented a single one. It's worked out pretty well so far.” See full article on
23 January 2013, by

Up and flying with the AR.Drone and ROS: Joystick control

This is the second tutorial in the Up and flying with the AR.Drone and ROS series. In this tutorial we will: Talk about the ROS communication hierarchy Setup a joystick to work with ROS ...
04 January 2013, by

Up and flying with the AR.Drone and ROS: Getting started

Updated December 17th. In this tutorial (#1) we will: Install ROS, the AR.Drone driver and AR.Drone keyboard controller Fly the AR.Drone using the provided keyboard controller...
10 December 2012, by

Deep in the woods, this reclusive toymaker builds his robot army |

Mantzel is an inventor, a recluse, and probably the internet's most popular toymaker. The Giant Robot Project is his masterpiece -- a massive, spider-like walking android he fashioned out of steel and...
08 October 2012, by

Workshop pictures from DIY Drones

Amanda DeMatto, a writer for is working on a series called "Where the Magic Happens", she requested workshop pictures from the DIYdrones community and the result is a very interesting thre...
04 October 2012, by

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