Nate the Robot RH.11 – High “REWARD”

As always, remember you can see more at Nate's Website....
26 July 2013, by

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EPFL’s Festival Robotique draws a record 17,000 visitors

The 6th Annual Festival Robotique in Lausanne, Switzerland drew a record number of visitors this past Saturday, making it one of the largest public science events in the country....
24 April 2013, by

Nate the Robot RH.4: Who wants those jobs?

This post is part of Robohub's Jobs Focus. "People hate me because they say robots steal jobs." "What jobs?" "Low paid, extremely dangerous, repetitive, physically demanding..." *boggle* "I kno...
15 April 2013, by

Nate the Robot RH.3 – The Expendables

So if you really think about it, today's comic brings up several interesting issues regarding robots and war.  One that comes to mind that is certainly not anywhere near a reality, is what if robots ...
22 March 2013, by

Nate the Robot RH.2 – There’s Nothing Silly About War!

  Call of Duty : Robot Ops, sounds like a fun game, eh?...
15 March 2013, by

Nate the Robot RH.1 – I’m on Robohub!

Hey everyone, I meant to get this strip drawn earlier, but I’m happy to start having Robohub as a second source to read my Nate the Robot comic strip! I hope it can add a bit of humor to your day an...
14 March 2013, by

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