India’s robot boom hits all-time high

India enters world´s top ten in annual robot installations.

Robot fish makes splash with motion breakthrough

A coil-powered robot fish designed by scientists at the University of Bristol could make underwater exploration more accessible.
01 May 2023, by

NCCR Robotics: A documentary

This short film documents some of the most innovative projects that emerged from the work of NCCR Robotics, the Swiss-wide consortium coordinated from 2010 to 2022 by EPFL professor Dario Floreano and ETHZ professor Robert Riener, including other major research institutions across Switzerland.
30 April 2023, by

We need to discuss what jobs robots should do, before the decision is made for us

This is an important time to discuss what roles we want robots and AI to take in our collective future – before decisions are taken that may prove hard to reverse. One way to frame this dialogue is to think about the various roles robots can fulfill.
29 April 2023, by

Robot Talk Episode 46 – Carlotta Berry

In this week's episode of the Robot Talk podcast, host Claire Asher chatted to Carlotta Berry from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology all about robotics education, science outreach, and increasing participation.
28 April 2023, by

Miniscule device could help preserve the battery life of tiny sensors

Researchers demonstrate a low-power “wake-up” receiver one-tenth the size of other devices.
25 April 2023, by

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Drones navigate unseen environments with liquid neural networks

Inspired by the adaptable nature of organic brains, researchers from MIT’ CSAIL have introduced a method for robust flight navigation agents to master vision-based fly-to-target tasks in intricate, unfamiliar environments.
23 April 2023, by

Robot Talk Episode 45 – Francesco Giorgio-Serchi

In this week's episode of the Robot Talk podcast, host Claire Asher chatted to Francesco Giorgio-Serchi from the University of Edinburgh all about underwater robots, weather-proofing, and soft robotics.
21 April 2023, by

Robots are everywhere – improving how they communicate with people could advance human-robot collaboration

Figuring out how humans and robots can collaborate to effectively carry out tasks together is a rapidly growing area of interest. For successful collaboration between humans and robots, communication is key.
17 April 2023, by

Robot assistants in the operating room promise safer surgery

With extreme precision needed for certain medical operations, state-of-the-art robots offer a way to make surgery easier, safer and more successful.
15 April 2023, by

Robot Talk Episode 44 – Kat Thiel

In this week's episode of the Robot Talk podcast, host Claire Asher chatted to Kat Thiel from Manchester Metropolitan University all about collaborative robots, micro-factories, and fashion manufacturing.
14 April 2023, by

Interactive fleet learning

In the last few years we have seen an exciting development in robotics and artificial intelligence: large fleets of robots have left the lab and entered the real world.
12 April 2023, by

Robotic hand can identify objects with just one grasp

The three-fingered robotic gripper can “feel” with great sensitivity along the full length of each finger – not just at the tips.
09 April 2023, by

Robotic flies to swarm 24/7 in RoboHouse

Buzz.. Buzz.. In a cyberzoo, wild animals don't keep you up at night, but robots do. Meet Emergent Swarm Solutions, the student enterprise that wants to design a nano drone swarm that never stops buzzing.
07 April 2023, by



ReRun An Open Source Package For Beautiful Visualizations, with Nikolaus West

Nico, Emil, and Moritz founded ReRun with the mission of making powerful visualization tools free and easily accessible for roboticists. Nico and Emil talk about how these powerful tools help debug th...
05 April 2023, by

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