Five ways drones will change the way buildings are designed

It’s crucial that the ways drones are affecting our future are understood by the majority of people. As experts in design futures and mobility, we hope this short overview of five ways drones will affect building design offers some knowledge of how things are likely to change.
02 January 2023, by

Robot Talk Podcast – November & December episodes (+ bonus winter treats)

Here we bring you the Robot Talk Podcast episodes from November and December, in topics such as artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, renewable energy, medical robotics, social robots, soft robotics, robotic prostheses, self-driving cars, industrial robots, multi-robot systems, robotic grippers, software development, testing and verification, and autonomous mobile robots.

Holiday robot videos 2022 updated (+ how robots prepare an Amazon warehouse for Christmas)

Happy holidays everyone! Here are some robot videos of this year to get you into the spirit of the season.
29 December 2022, by

In search for the intelligent machine

Elvis Nava teaches robots to carry out oral and written commands. To this end, he sends them to “training camps” where they learn to combine image, text and motion data.
28 December 2022, by



Going out on a Bionic Limb, with Joel Gibbard

Joel Gibbard, co-founder of Open Bionics dives deep into their creative, imagination-capturing prosthetic limbs.
21 December 2022, by

CLAIRE and euRobotics: all questions answered on humanoid robotics

Watch the all questions answered (AQuA) event jointly hosted by CLAIRE and euRobotics.
20 December 2022, by

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12 years of NCCR Robotics

We can proudly say that NCCR Robotics has had a truly transformational effect on the national robotics research landscape, creating novel synergies, strengthening key areas, and adding a unique signature that made Switzerland prominent and attractive at the international level.
18 December 2022, by

Soft robots gain new strength and make virtual reality gloves feel more real

A team of Penn Engineers has devised a new electrostatically controlled clutch which enables a soft robotic hand to be able to hold 4 pounds – about the weight of a bag of apples – which is 40 times more than the hand could lift without the clutch.
16 December 2022, by

2nd call for robot holiday videos 2022 (with first submissions!)

That’s right! You better not run, you better not hide, you better watch out for brand new robot holiday videos on Robohub!
15 December 2022, by

Featured video: Creating a sense of feeling

Biomedical engineer and dancer Shriya Srinivasan PhD ’20 explores connections between the human body and the outside world.
11 December 2022, by

China overtakes USA in robot density, according to World Robotics 2022 Report

China’s massive investment in industrial robotics has put the country in the top ranking of robot density, surpassing the United States for the first time.

Looking beyond “technology for technology’s sake”

Whether building robots or helping to lead the National Society of Black Engineers, senior Austen Roberson is thinking about the social implications of his field.
08 December 2022, by

Estimating manipulation intentions to ease teleoperation

Introducing an intention estimation model that relies on both gaze and motion features.
06 December 2022, by and

Countering Luddite politicians with life (and cost) saving machines

Beyond aerial tricks, drones are now being deployed in novel ways to fill the labor gap of menial jobs that have not returned since the pandemic.
04 December 2022, by

Call for robot holiday videos 2022

That’s right! You better not run, you better not hide, you better watch out for brand new robot holiday videos on Robohub!
02 December 2022, by

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