#RoboCup2023 in tweets – part 2

We take a look at some of the highlights from the second half of the conference.
16 July 2023, by and

#RoboCup2023 in tweets – part 1

Find out what the participants at RoboCup have been up to in Bordeaux.
15 July 2023, by and

Submersible robots that can fly

Following the news of the implosion of the Titan submersible, I reached out to Professor F. Javier Diez of Rutgers University for his comment on the rescue mission and the role of robots.
13 July 2023, by

Magnetic robots walk, crawl, and swim

New soft-bodied robots that can be controlled by a simple magnetic field are well suited to work in confined spaces.
10 July 2023, by

Visual navigation to objects in real homes

We present a large-scale empirical study of semantic visual navigation methods comparing representative methods from classical, modular, and end-to-end learning approaches across six homes with no prior experience, maps, or instrumentation.
07 July 2023, by

Robo-Insight #1

In this post, we are thrilled to present a range of remarkable advancements in the field, highlighting robotics progress in terrain traversability, shape morphing, object avoidance, mechanical memory, physics-based AI techniques, and new home robotics kits.
04 July 2023, by

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What’s coming up at #RoboCup2023?

The annual RoboCup event kicks off on 4 July - find out more about the competitions and symposium.
03 July 2023, by and

Why diversity and inclusion needs to be at the forefront of future AI

Inês Hipólito is a permanent lecturer of the philosophy of AI at Macquarie University, focusing on cognitive development and the interplay between augmented cognition (AI) and the sociocultural environment. As part of our Frontier Scientist series, Hipólito caught up with Frontiers to tell us about her career and research.
01 July 2023, by

Joanne Pransky: Rest in Peace (1959-2023)

It is with great sadness that I am sharing that Joanne Pransky, the World's First Robotic Psychariatrist, and who Isaac Asimov called the real Susan Calvin has passed away.
29 June 2023, by

Titan submersible disaster underscores dangers of deep-sea exploration – an engineer explains why most ocean science is conducted with crewless subm

Bringing people to the bottom of the deep ocean is inherently dangerous. At the same time, climate change means collecting data from the world’s oceans is more vital than ever. Nina Mahmoudian explains how researchers reduce the risks and costs associated with deep-sea exploration.
28 June 2023, by

Meet our new Robohub volunteer: Shaunak Kapur

We are happy to dedicate this post to our new volunteer: Shaunak Kapur.
25 June 2023, by

Robot Talk Episode 54 – Robotics and science fiction

In this special live recording of the Robot Talk podcast at the Great Exhibition Road Festival, host Claire Asher chatted to Glyn Morgan (Science Museum), Bani Anvari (University College London) and Thrishantha Nanayakara (Imperial College London) to explore how our intelligent friends from the world of science fiction match up with state-of-the art robotics and artificial intelligence reality.
23 June 2023, by

Robots with tact

Mimicking principles of the nervous system could improve prosthetic hands.

Flowstate: Intrinsic’s app to simplify the creation of robotics applications

Intrinsic (a spin-off of Google-X) has revealed the product they have been working with the help of the Open Source Robotics Corporation team (among others): Flowstate!
18 June 2023, by

Machine-learning method used for self-driving cars could improve lives of type-1 diabetes patients

The same type of machine learning methods used to pilot self-driving cars and beat top chess players could help type-1 diabetes sufferers keep their blood glucose levels in a safe range.
17 June 2023, by

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