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Reader poll: How do you feel about “Swarms of Autonomous Cars”?

August 19, 2014

A few of days ago, WIRED and Robohub covered a story about “Largest Swarm of Robots” and how self-organizing algorithms can be used by robots to form certain shapes. This inspired us to see what this networked, swarm of robots could mean for autonomous cars.

As stated in the WIRED article, autonomous cars are within our foreseeable future. Designing a system where autonomous cars self-organize is an option that engineers and scientists are exploring because of its possible benefits. Imagine the future where autonomous cars are the norm, and each car can talk to one another regulate the flow of traffic.

How would you feel about your car being a part of such network of autonomous cars? What do you think are the possible benefits and harms?

Open Roboethics Initiative
guest author
Open Roboethics Initiative is a roboethics thinktank concerned with studying robotics-related design and policy issues.

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