Overview: Are the sceptics right? Limits and potentials of deep learning in robotics

John McCormac discusses his takeaways from the RSS 2016 Workshop ‘Are the Sceptics Right? Limits and Potentials of Deep Learning in Robotics' and highlights interesting themes and topics from the d...
23 June 2016, by

Google’s Go-playing AI system beat Korean grandmaster 4 out of 5 games

Embed from Getty Images Machines have been beating humans for years in games and contests: chess, Scrabble, checkers, Jeopardy! and more recently, the Chinese board game Go. Google's AI machi...
17 March 2016, by

Google DeepMind challenge match: Lee Sedol vs AlphaGo

Update: The final match was played on Tuesday, 15 March, with AlphaGo winning over Lee Sedol 4-1! Watch all the livestream matches below....
14 March 2016, by

Talking Machines: Machine learning in healthcare and the AlphaGo matches

In episode five of season two, Ryan walks us through variational inference. We put some listener questions about Go and how to play it to Andy Okun, president of the American Go Association (who is in...
14 March 2016, by

To err is human: raising the bar on AI

Last week, media outlets reported about the latest 'sure sign' of an imminent robopocalypse. Google-backed DeepMind created an AI sophisticated enough to beat a human champion in the Chinese ...
01 February 2016, by

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