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Parrot grows both consumer and commercial drone business

Previously known for consumer products for smartphones, tablets and cars, Paris-based Parrot recently branched into both the consumer and commercial drone businesses....
10 April 2015, by

Up and flying with the AR.Drone and ROS: Handling feedback

This is the third tutorial in the Up and flying with the AR.Drone and ROS series. In this tutorial we will: Learn about the AR.Drone's state feedback (and how it is handled by ROS) Learn a...
01 July 2013, by

A conversation with Henri Seydoux

A growing business within Parrot S.A., (PARRO:EUROLIST B) is their AR.Drone line of products, parts and software. Their first quadcopter product was developed internally by (1) observing the $1 billio...
03 May 2013, by

Parrot AR.Drone app harnesses crowd power to fast-track vision learning in robotic spacecraft

Astrodrone is both a simulation game app for the Parrot AR.Drone and a scientific crowd-sourcing experiment that aims to improve landing, obstacle avoidance and docking capabilities in autonomous spac...
26 March 2013, by

Up and flying with the AR.Drone and ROS: Joystick control

This is the second tutorial in the Up and flying with the AR.Drone and ROS series. In this tutorial we will: Talk about the ROS communication hierarchy Setup a joystick to work with ROS ...
04 January 2013, by

Up and flying with the AR.Drone and ROS: Getting started

Updated December 17th. In this tutorial (#1) we will: Install ROS, the AR.Drone driver and AR.Drone keyboard controller Fly the AR.Drone using the provided keyboard controller...
10 December 2012, by

Fly and film in HD

... Parrot (PARRO on the Euronext Paris exchange), a French company famous for its audio and wireless devices for phones and cars, unveiled their first AR.Drone at CES in 2010 to huge crowds (I was th...
31 October 2012, by

eBee first product from Parrot/senseFly investment

  In July, the Parrot Group partnered with senseFly, a Swiss start-up and spin-off from the Swiss EPFL, and invested $5.3 million to help senseFly grow. Their initial plan was to develop a hig...
10 October 2012, by

Stephen Wolfram blog: Kids, arduinos and quadricopters

Presentation at Maker Faire by Christopher Wolfram shows off Mathematica with a potentiometer hooked up on the Arduino board and by flying a quadricopter drone in one line of code. See on blog.stephe...
04 October 2012, by

Joggobot will keep you moving Researchers at the Exertion Games Lab at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia have created a robot to support you while exercising. Joggobot is a modified version of th...
15 June 2012, by

Is 2012 the year that robot applications take root?

Tell us what apps you want. In July of 2008, the app store concept was launched by Apple and it has dramatically changed the mobile industry. Over 1.2 billion apps were downloaded between Chris...
02 January 2012, by

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