architectural robotics

In-situ Fabricator: An autonomous construction robot

Digital fabrication enables the seamless combination of digital design with physical construction processes. To fully exploit this emerging technology within architecture, robotic fabrication must be ...
09 October 2015, by

Rock Print: A zero-waste 3D-printed structure made only of rock and thread

Inspired to take 3D printing technology to new heights, ETH Zurich and MIT researchers create "Rock Print" -- a full-scale architectural installation on display at the Chicago Architecture Biennial u...
07 October 2015, by and

Watch flying machines weave a rope bridge you can walk on

[tweetquote]Using quadrocopters and some rope, researchers have woven together a bridge strong enough to walk across.[/tweetquote] Made at the ETH Zurich Flying Machine Arena in Switzerland, the bridg...
18 September 2015, by

Soft robotics for adaptive building facades

By Arno Schlüter Today, building envelopes tend to be static and unable to adapt to changing conditions. Now, for the first time, an adaptable façade has been used for the newly inaugurated House o...
09 June 2015, by

Architectural robots: The shape of the robots that will shape your home

While robots are being deployed in factories at a high pace, their presence on construction sites is close to nil. However, there are many architectural robotics research projects in academia, and du...
21 May 2015, by and

Transforming robots to transform your room

In the future, Roombots could replace furniture (Biorobotics Laboratory, EPFL). The word “robot” conjures up many different things to many people, but how many of them immediately think of furnit...
24 May 2014, by

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