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50 different state regulations for robocars is not a bad idea

At the recent AUVSI/TRB conference in San Francisco, there was talk of upcoming regulation, particularly from NHTSA. Secretary of Transportation Foxx and his NHTSA staff spoke with just vague hints ab...
18 August 2016, by

Will robocars be heaven or hell for our cities?

Robin Chase wrote an article wondering if robocars will improve or ruin our cities and asked for my comment on it. It’s a long article, and I have lots of comment, since I have been considering thes...
15 August 2016, by

Understanding the massive gulf between the Tesla Autopilot and a real robocar, in light of the crash

Brad Templeton describes Tesla’s Autopilot as a 'distant cousin of a real robocar' that primarily uses a MobilEye EyeQ3 camera combined with radars and ultrasonic sensors. Unlike robocar sensors, T...

Self-driving trucks are coming — what will that mean?

Today sees the un-stealthing of a new company called Otto which plans to build self-driving systems for long haul trucks. The company has been formed by a skilled team, including former members of Goo...

Stakeholders likely to be disrupted by the changeover to self-driving vehicles

Volumes have been written about the possible beneficial (and negative) effects of self-driving cars and systems. But few have studied what industries will be disrupted by the transformations as self-d...
26 April 2016, by

Can I trust my robot? And should my robot trust me?

If we are serious about long-term human presence in space, such as manned bases on the moon or Mars, we must figure out how to streamline human-robot interactions....
07 April 2016, by

As Google cars roll out, Deere reminds us of its thousands of self-driving tractors

Google is putting 25 new self-driving cars onto the streets of Mountain View, California, but agricultural equipment manufacturer John Deere reminds us that it already has tens of thousands of self-dr...
28 June 2015, by

Google to release monthly driving reports

Google has started publicly disclosing details of accidents involving its self-driving cars....
09 June 2015, by

Autonomous Solutions, with Mel Torrie

Link to audio file (26:42)In today’s episode we speak with Mel Torrie about work done at Autonomous Solutions, Inc. to make a large range of vehicles autonomous....
28 December 2012, by

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