ShanghAI Lectures: Lutz Jäncke “On the neuropsychology of avatars”

The ShanghAI lectures have brought us a treasure trove of guest lectures by experts in robotics. You can find the whole series from 2012 here. Now, we're bringing you the guest lectures you haven't ye...
17 October 2013, by

World’s most human-like android wasn’t unveiled at GF2045

Headlines preceding the Global Future 2045 Congress proclaimed: WORLD’S MOST HUMAN-LIKE ANDROID TO BE UNVEILED AT GF2045 “The Dmitry Avatar-A head represents the most expressive facial robot in ...
18 June 2013, by

Artificially intelligent game bots pass the Turing Test on Turing’s centenary | U Texas

An artificially intelligent virtual gamer created by computer scientists at The University of Texas at Austin has won the BotPrize by convincing a panel of judges that it was more human-like than half...
30 September 2012, by

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