Bosch and Nvidia partner to develop AI for self-driving cars

Amongst all the activity in autonomously driven vehicle joint ventures, new R&D facilities, strategic acquisitions (such as Mobileye being acquired by Intel) and booming startup fundings, two bi...
17 March 2017, by

Dyson releases 360 Eye in Japan for ~$1200, files legal proceedings against Bosch for VW-like cheating

News Brief: Dyson released its 360-Eye in Japan today -- for about $1200 USD -- and has also filed legal proceedings against Bosch, alleging that their longstanding rival is cheating EU energy eff...
22 October 2015, by

Strategic acquisitions and long-term R&D investments abound

We have reported 37 equity fundings and 25 acquisitions so far this year. It's not just the car companies searching for talent and innovation in their new Silicon Valley centers. Israel, Russia, China...
19 October 2015, by

Robot as marketing strategy: Bosch takes a bet on Rotimatic’s consumer flatbread maker

First it was robot vacuum cleaners; now it's robot kitchen appliances. Robots are back in the popular imagination as household helpers, and industry seems to be taking a bet on leveraging that int...
22 July 2015, by

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