Brad Templeton

Should California electrify Caltrain or invest in robocars?

[Editor's note: According to a recent article on SFGate, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has put the brakes on $647 million for Caltrain to go electric. The delay may kill the project entirely.]...
20 February 2017, by

Flying cars are coming, what will they mean?

Earlier I posted my gallery of CES gadgets and included a photo of the eHang 184 from China, a “personal drone” able, in theory, to carry a person up to 100kg. Whether the eHang is real or not...
27 January 2017, by

NHTSA ODI report exonerates Tesla in fatal crash

NHTSA released the report from their Office of Defects Investigation on the fatal Tesla crash in Florida last spring. It’s a report that is surprisingly favorable to Tesla. So much so that even I am...
20 January 2017, by

CES 2017, part one: Robocar technology and concept cars

CES is the big event for major car makers to show off robocar technology. Most of the north hall, and a giant parking lot next to it, were devoted to car technology and self-driving demos....
17 January 2017, by

Robocar news: Comma One goes open source, creating simulations for robocars in New Zealand earthquakes

There have been few postings this month, as I took the time to enjoy a holiday in New Zealand around speaking at the SingularityU New Zealand summit in Christchurch. The night before the summit, we en...
02 December 2016, by

Breaking down robotaxi economics

The vision of many of us for robocars is a world of less private car ownership and more use of robotaxis — on-demand ride service in a robocar. That’s what companies like Uber clearly are pushing ...
14 September 2016, by

Robocar recap: Uber buys Otto, folks leave Google, Ford goes big, Tesla drops MobilEye

Brad Templeton, from, discusses the latest robocar related news....
23 August 2016, by

50 different state regulations for robocars is not a bad idea

At the recent AUVSI/TRB conference in San Francisco, there was talk of upcoming regulation, particularly from NHTSA. Secretary of Transportation Foxx and his NHTSA staff spoke with just vague hints ab...
18 August 2016, by

Will robocars be heaven or hell for our cities?

Robin Chase wrote an article wondering if robocars will improve or ruin our cities and asked for my comment on it. It’s a long article, and I have lots of comment, since I have been considering thes...
15 August 2016, by

Robocar platooning, or just carpool?

At the recent AUVSI/TRB symposium, a popular research topic was platooning for robocars and trucks. Platooning is perhaps the oldest practical proposal when it comes to car automation because you can ...
12 August 2016, by

Autonomous cars 101 | Brad Templeton via Big Think Brad Templeton explains how autonomous vehicles will be a major disruptive innovation arriving sooner than most are expecting. Templeton is Board Member and Former Chair...
25 August 2014, by

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