Bryant Walker-Smith

IEEE driverless car roundtable

[focus07] Hear about the current state of the driverless vehicle industry from experts including IEEE Member Jeffrey Miller, IEEE Fellow Wei-Bin Zhang, Bernard Soriano, and Bryant Walker Smith. In ...
30 September 2015, by

Who gets a ticket when there’s no one behind the wheel? | Marketplace

Bryant Walker Smith, fellow at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School, discusses the new legal issues presented by having cars with no drivers. See more: Marketplace...
28 August 2013, by

Tune your engine: Driverless car technology | Radio New Zealand

Bryant Walker Smith, a fellow at Stanford Centers for Automotive Research and Internet and Society, looks at developments in driverless car technology. Originally aired on:  Radio New Ze...
29 July 2013, by

States develop legislation for driverless cars | USA Today

In California, Nevada, Florida and the District of Columbia, the future of transportation is now: All four jurisdictions are setting ground rules for self-driving cars on the roads. Read more...
29 July 2013, by

Disruptions: How driverless cars could reshape cities | New York Times

By now, seeing one of Google’s experimental, driverless cars zipping down Silicon Valley’s Highway 101, or parking itself on a San Francisco street, is not all that unusual. Indeed, as automakers...
17 July 2013, by

What driverless car entrepreneurs can learn from the aviation industry | Australian Broadcasting Company

The former vice-president of research and development for General Motors is a champion of the ‘driverless car’. He sees a time when traffic in our cities will swarm like insects, with cars communi...
16 July 2013, by

Roadmap for driverless cars: Five highlights | The Wall Street Journal

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Thursday came out with a road map for navigating the future of self-driving cars. Bryant Walker Smith, a lecturer at Stanford Law School who st...
04 June 2013, by

Smart vehicles are here: Can government keep pace? | NY Times Energy for Tomorrow Conference

The pressures are building for safer and smarter vehicles on our roads, raising questions about the national, state and local policies that will emerge. Several states are already early adopters of le...
29 April 2013, by

Why driverless cars are ‘probably’ legal | The Atlantic Cities

The biggest roadblock facing a driverless world isn't necessarily technology, but legality. The question of who would be liable in the event of an accident — the human "driver," the car's owner, the...
01 April 2013, by

Who’s liable when a driverless car crashes? | NPR

It's absolutely the case that after the first accident involving an automated vehicle, there will be an automated ambulance chaser following. - Robert Hartwig, president of the Insurance Informati...
12 March 2013, by

How an autonomous driving bill becomes law

Two years ago, no state legislature had even contemplated self-driving cars. Now, three states have passed legislation, several more are considering it, and Nevada's DMV has issued the world's first a...
06 November 2012, by

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