Transformational robotics and its application to agriculture

No, this is not about shapeshifting robots, come to save or destroy Earth. It is about transforming the contexts within which robotic technologies are applied, and about practicing robotics with the i...
25 October 2013, by

Harvey: A working robot for container crops

Two robots follow boundary markers on either side of an irrigation pipe. Photo credit: Harvest Automation. In mid-2012, four HV-100 robots from Harvest Automation achieved an elusive milestone in rob...
23 October 2013, by

Ten lessons for farm drones

3D Robotics's Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Cherbini prepares to launch a plane at Small Vines Wines in Sebastopol, Ca Sept. 13, 2013. The plane can help day-to-day operations on a farm...
22 October 2013, by

FutureDairy, with Kendra Kerrisk

Link to audio file (38:51) FutureDairy is an R&D development program to help Australian dairy farmers manage the challenges they are likely to face during the next 20 years. In this episode, Ron ...
18 October 2013, by

Robotic cornucopia: Robohub focuses on the state-of-the-art and the future of agricultural robotics

With an ever-increasing need to feed the world's hungry, the agricultural sector has long been an important boon to the field of robotics: the sector's widespread acceptance and use of automation tec...
18 October 2013, by

Three ag robot companies featured in AP story

... In an Associated Press article by Gosia Wozniacka, using robots to sort, thin, harvest and handle fruits and vegetables were examined. ... Blue River Technology and their Lettuce Bot; Vision Ro...
19 July 2013, by

Robotics and the disruptive transformation of agriculture

Over the last few years, there has been increasing talk about the potential of agriculture as a market for robotics. Speaking about future markets for unmanned aerial systems in a recent presentation ...
15 July 2013, by

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