Campaign to Stop Killer Robots: Let’s all stop them, shall we?

Killer robots. Looking at the two words together is enough to conjure up images of chaos and destruction.  They're an image far too familiar in science fiction settings such as Isaac Asimov or Ar...
27 April 2013, by

Blimp-in-a-box contract causes acquisition

Global Telesat Corporation (think Globalstar, inmarsat and Iridium), and Lighter Than Air Systems, were awarded a DoD contract to provide the Army with two Blimp-in-a-box systems....
06 April 2013, by

How will robots shape the future of warfare?

Updated March 17, 2013 | This month we've asked our experts to weigh in on the future of robotics in warfare, and the broadness of this topic has prompted some of our panelists to push back and reques...
15 March 2013, by

Active military robots around the world

This is a brief presentation of some of the most widely used robots (or remotely controlled, semi-autonomous systems) from militaries around the world. There are numerous other projects that are curre...
15 March 2013, by

Robohub focus: Robots and warfare

For the rest of this week, Robohub will have a special focus on the use of robots in warfare.  All kinds of robots are being developed for strategic defence and military action (in space, in the...
13 March 2013, by

Swedish UAV ready for lift-off

In December 2012, Swedish CybAero AB,  a company developing and manufacturing autonomous unmanned helicopters, signed a strategic partnership agreement with the world's leading UAV company, Aer...
10 January 2013, by

The nEUROn maiden flight

On December 1st, the nEUROn, Europe’s unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) stealth technology demonstrator, successfully completed its maiden flight from the Dassault Aviation company’s flight test ...
05 December 2012, by

Prioria Maverick, flexible wing UAS

Maverick is a small uav made by Prioria, a company founded in 2003 by business and engineering graduates from the University of Florida. It is portable, very light and has most of the features a comme...
30 May 2011, by

Global Hawks in the crowded Mediterranean airspace

The use of UAVs has skyrocketed, a wide variety of systems ranging from extremely small flying bots to large airframes like the Predators or Global Hawk drones is currently in use, mostly from armed ...
24 March 2011, by

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