General purpose robots should not be weaponized: An open letter to the robotics industry and our communities

After a lot of thoughtful discussion, deliberation, and debate with our colleagues, we have co-authored and signed an open letter to the robotics community.
07 November 2022, by

‘Killer robots’ will be nothing like the movies show – here’s where the real threats lie

Killer robots won’t be sentient humanoid robots with evil intent. This might make for a dramatic storyline and a box office success, but such technologies are many decades, if not centuries, away. It’s much simpler technologies we should be worrying about.
19 October 2022, by

UN fails to agree on ‘killer robot’ ban as nations pour billions into autonomous weapons research

Given the pace of research and development in autonomous weapons, the U.N. meeting might have been the last chance to head off an arms race.
16 January 2022, by



The Advantage of Fins, with Benjamin Pietro Filardo

Robohub Podcast · The Advantage of Fins Abate interviews Benjamin "Pietro" Filardo, CEO and founder of Pliant Energy Systems. At PES, they developed a novel form of actuation using two undulating ...
16 December 2020, by

United Technologies acquires Rockwell Collins for $30 billion

Aerospace conglomerate United Technologies is paying $30 billion to acquire Rockwell Collins in a deal that creates one of the world’s largest makers of civilian and defense aircraft components.&nbs...
08 September 2017, by

The Digger Foundation competing for a $1million prize

The DOME Project of the Digger Foundation has been shortlisted as finalist of the prestigious Robotics Award for Good taking place in Dubai in February 2017, where a $1million price will be awarded ...
30 January 2017, by

Report examines China’s expansion into unmanned industrial, service, and military robotics systems

In October, the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission released a report, China’s Industrial and Military Robotics Development, prepared by the Defense Group, Inc. at the Commission’...
03 November 2016, by

Unmanned and underneath: Stay in the know about underwater drones

Editor's note: This article is adapted from a post from November 2015 and includes recent developments and updated spending figures.  In October 2016, the U.K. Royal Navy hosted Unmanned Warr...
02 November 2016, by



ICRA 2016: Landmine Detection Challenge, with Edson Prestes

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Edson Prestes, Professor at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and an organizer of the Humanitarian Robotics and Automation Technology Challenge (HRATC) 20...
16 October 2016, by

Over 1,000 robots in use by US law enforcement, based on public data

Download (PDF, 599KB) Background Robots are an increasingly common sight in U.S. police departments. These unmanned ground vehicles are used for roles that are deemed too hazardous for law enforce...

Unmanned combat robots beginning to appear

IAI's RoBattle unmanned, heavy duty, highly maneuverable, combat and support robotic system (UGV) is being shown at the Eurosatory 2016 Land and Airland Defence and Security tradeshow in Paris this...
14 June 2016, by

Talking Machines: AI safety and the legacy of Bletchley Park, with Nick Patterson

In episode four of season two, we talk about some of the major issues in AI safety, (and how they’re not really that different from the questions we ask whenever we create a new tool.) We take a lis...
29 February 2016, by

iRobot sells off defense & security division

In a transaction valued at $45 million, iRobot has sold its Defense and Security division to Arlington Capital Partners. Sean Bielat, who takes over as the CEO, says the new company wil...
04 February 2016, by

What you need to know about underwater drones

Late last month, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus appointed Brig. Gen. Frank Kelley to become the first deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for unmanned systems, a position that was created in April...
16 November 2015, by

Icelandic research institute unveils ethical robotics policy

The Icelandic Institute of Intelligent Machines (IIIM) has become the first R&D centre in the world to adopt a policy that repudiates development of robotic technologies intended for military oper...
16 September 2015, by

DARPA’s legacy: Open source simulation for robotics development and testing

When the DARPA Robotics Challenge first began to coalesce from an idea to a plan, we knew that we wanted to create a lasting legacy not only for robot hardware capabilities, but also for robotics simu...
27 May 2015, by

Minesweepers uses robotics’ awesomeness to raise awareness about landmines & explosive remnants of war

Paul Jefferson, one of the earliest humanitarian deminers, said “a landmine is the perfect soldier: Ever courageous, never sleeps, never misses”. The simplicity and cost-effectiveness of mines are...
27 February 2015, by

GridBot robot takes just 5 hrs to remove wood log stuck in high-pressure powerplant pipe

Gridbots Technologies, a start-up located in Ahmedabad, India, has focused their efforts on providing the power industry, particularly nuclear power companies, defense organizations and space agenci...
29 October 2014, by

Disaster relief this year’s theme at University of Maryland | The Diamondback

Because of the prevalence of environmental and man-made disasters from Ebola, earthquakes, oil spills and Wednesday’s tornado warning, the engineering college [at the University of Maryland] decided...
20 October 2014, by

Can killer robots learn to follow the rules of war? | The Smithsonian

Using robots is potentially more efficient, more precise and less expensive than relying solely on humans in warfare. And it would also, of course, mean fewer human casualties. But this transforma...
29 May 2014, by

America’s dominance in military robotics is starting to crumble

Foreign Policy Magazine's recent examination of "The Looming Robotics Gap" by University of Pennsylvania International Relations Associate Professor Michael C Horowitz, and recent Pentagon in...
19 May 2014, by

1.1M£ robotic “Porton Man” to test protective clothing for UK’s armed forces

UK’s Ministry of Defense invested 1.1M GBP in a new robotic mannequin that will test protective suits and equipment for the UK’s armed forces. The project is named “Porton Man” and is able to ...
07 April 2014, by

DARPA’s Gill Pratt on Google’s robotics investments

When Google bought Boston Dynamics last December, the news made headlines, but it was not the first time the Internet giant has invested in DARPA-funded robotics. As part of Robohub's Big Deals series...
19 March 2014, by and

American nuclear materials storage site guarded by robots

Since 2011, a Nevada nuclear materials storage site has been guarded by robots (Mobile Detection, Assessment and Response System). Last week the US Marines announced that their airbase in Twentynine P...
10 March 2014, by

New book on disaster robotics

A new book by MIT's Robin Murphy documents the use and performance of tactical ground, aerial, or marine robots at 34 incidents between 2001 and 2013....
25 February 2014, by

Robots, soldiers and cyborgs: The future of warfare

Boston Dynamics' BigDog. When we imagine the future of warfare, we often envision a battlefield where humanoid robots and other machines fight alongside or in the place of human soldiers. From the dr...
05 February 2014, by and

DoD Unmanned Air, Sea & Ground Budget 2014-2018

Within the defense sector, demand for unmanned air, ground and sea systems continues unabated. Drivers include combat operations, reduced military budgets, a changing national security environment and...
03 February 2014, by

GuardBot: From protecting territory to playing with dolphins

What has the capability to strengthen homeland security, produce a ball’s-eye view of a soccer match and swim underwater with dolphins? GuardBot: the latest development in unmanned amphibious vehicl...
30 January 2014, by and

Unmasking the RQ-180 | Ares blog

The Air Force has long debated how to conduct penetrating intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions since the venerable, high-speed SR-71 retired in 1998. But despite the need and a linge...
06 December 2013, by

Autonomous lethal weapons, with Peter Asaro

Link to audio file (29:07)In this episode, AJung talks to Peter Asaro from The New School in New York city about autonomous weapons systems. Peter tells us about the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, an...
17 May 2013, by

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