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Where should robots go when they retire?

Most robots, when their creators are done with them, meet one of two fates. Either they’re stashed away, in some corner of a lab, closet or basement, or they’re cannibalized to make another robot....
12 April 2016, by

The real soft robots that inspired Baymax, with Chris Atkeson

Baymax, the lovable, inflatable robot star of Disney’s recent hit, Big Hero 6, is far from a movie fantasy. With their soft cushiony bodies, robots like Baymax have very real prospects as future car...
28 April 2015, by

ShanghAI Lectures 2012: Lecture 3 “Towards a theory of intelligence”

In this lecture Rolf Pfeifer presents some first steps toward a “theory of intelligence”., followed by guest lectures by Vincent C. Müller (Anatolia College, Greece) on computers and cognition, a...
09 March 2013, by

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