Makers of the Jibo set new crowdfunding record | Boston Magazine

Jibo has raised more than $1 million in just six days, making it the most-backed project currently on Indiegogo. Read more: Boston Magazine   If you liked this article, you may also be i...
23 July 2014, by

JIBO: A game changing social robot

JIBO, a 2013 Boston startup, launched an IndieGoGo campaign last week and is off to a rousing start, lots of favorable press, and, as of the time of this writing, has raised more than $700,000 over th...
20 July 2014, by

TiddlyBot gives Raspberry Pi robot powers

The TiddlyBot, which just launched on Kickstarter, has been developed to help young people have fun and learn about robotics and programming. After running a Code Club and workshops using Raspberry P...
04 July 2014, by

Sporobot: Malaria vaccine harvesting robot | Indiegogo

See on - Cultibotics“Sanaria developed a malaria vaccine that protected 100% of subjects in a clinical group. Currently we do a key step of the vaccine manufacturing process by hand. To...
02 June 2014, by

Arduino-powered balancing robot for education, hacking and fun

Lil’Bot is an Arduino Uno compatible balancing robot designed as a low-cost teaching vehicle and experimentation platform. Just like an Arduino board, it takes various shields for added functionalit...
23 May 2014, by

TinkerBots set to blow through $100K fundraising goal | Indiegogo

See on - Cultibotics“TinkerBots is a toy building set with easy-to-add robotics that make it possible for children and adults to create an endless number of toy robots simply by snappin...
15 April 2014, by

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This robotic prosthetic hand can be made for just $1000

The Dextrus hand is a robotic hand that can be put together for well under £650 ($1000) and offers much of the functionality of a human hand. Existing prosthetic hands are magnificent devices, capa...
11 September 2013, by

Robohub focus on frontier robotics: High risks, high rewards

  Researchers and entrepreneurs are used to weighing the potential risks and rewards of any project they are thinking of putting time and money into. Potential financial investors — be they govern...
27 June 2013, by

Crowdfunding robots: Robot Film Festival

While I love getting robots in the mail, crowdfunding sites are also good for supporting a whole range of robot related activities. The 3rd annual Robot Film Festival just launched a Kickstarter campa...
27 June 2013, by

Robotic dragonflies take to the sky (with your help)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the Robot Dragonfly from TechJect. Developed over four years by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology for the US Air Force, the researchers are now i...
08 November 2012, by

3 reasons to crowdfund a robot

Kickstarter’s recent decision making it very difficult for hardware projects to use the platform just highlights two very useful things to know about crowdfunding. Firstly, not all crowdfunding plat...
26 September 2012, by

TE+ND Rover Indiegogo campaign TE+ND (Terrestrial Exploration + Nurture Designed) Rovers are an interactive art project that explore migratory ecology in an era of climate change. The designers are sol...
27 May 2012, by

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