Sweep: a low cost LiDAR sensor for smart consumer products

UPDATE: Only 7 days left to back Sweep! They are now almost 80% funded....
04 April 2016, by

Nailbot: A ‘nail art’ robot that inspires creativity

Launched last week on Indiegogo, the Nailbot prints instant custom art onto your fingernails from your phone. Behind the concept is a new kind of company -- a movement to inspire confidence in girls a...
17 November 2015, by and

Why we need journalism about machine learning

[clear] Talking Machines is in the process of raising funds to defray the cost of producing our first season and to help us start production on our second season. On the show we’ve talked about h...
25 September 2015, by

Erle-Spider, the Ubuntu drone with legs

Erle-Spider is a drone with legs powered by Canonical’s new distribution for robots and IoT devices: Snappy Ubuntu Core. This computer with legs uses the Robot Operating System (ROS), and has been ...
15 September 2015, by

BUDDY goes into final hours of crowdfunding at +500% of goal; announces new US offices

BUDDY, the world's first affordable companion robot, has reached a crowdfunding milestone. With just hours to go on the BUDDY crowdfunding project on Indiegogo, backers have contributed over $501,63...
04 September 2015, by

Fotokite Phi GoPro-carrying quadcopter: Friendly, compact, light and affordable

Zurich-based robotics company Perspective Robotics this week unveils Fotokite Phi, their first consumer targeted, affordable, accessible, tethered flying camera. The Fotokite Phi is available now for ...
19 August 2015, by

Tiny 4K Z camera could be the perfect drone partner

When we say drone, we ofter think of the flying platform. But that's just half the story. Drones are amazing flying tools because of their ability to position sensing payloads in the sky. Most operato...
21 July 2015, by

MOVI, a standalone speech recognizer shield for Arduino | Kickstarter

MOVI is an offline speech recognizer and voice synthesizer that adds voice control functionality to any Arduino projectSee it on, via Robotics...
16 July 2015, by

BUDDY opensource companion bot meets 100K crowdfunding goal in 1 day; now >200% funded

[tweetquote]BUDDY has something to smile about.[/tweetquote] The new open source companion robot by Blue Frog Robotics, launched an Indiegogo campaign on July 7th and sailed past its $100K crowdfu...
15 July 2015, by

Spillikin: a robot love story for our age and a unique campaign

Robotics company Engineered Arts has teamed up with Pipeline Theatre for a new play, Spillikin: a love story between a robot and an elderly woman. The collaborators plan to debut their work at this ye...
06 July 2015, by and

Jade Robot: Hands on STEM for kids and classrooms

The Jade Robot is a fully-developed educational robot designed to engage and excite the next generation of scientists and engineers. It has just completed six months of in-classroom testing with st...
18 June 2015, by



CyPhy LVL 1 Drone, with Helen Griener

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks with Helen Greiner, CEO and founder of CyPhy Works and co-founder of iRobot, about CyPhy Work’s LVL 1 photography drone. The LVL 1 drone has six propellers that a...
12 June 2015, by

Linkitz: Wearable, code-able toys for girls | Kickstarter

Linkitz is a new way for girls to explore technology and coding. It's a set of electronic components, or links, that snap together in different combinations to make unique, fun, wearable toys.See it o...
12 May 2015, by

Muribot: Bringing university level robotics to consumers of all abilities

Muribot is an affordable, compact robot kit, designed to make coding and robotics easily accessible to people of all ages and skill levels. It packs in quality hardware, usually seen only at universit...
06 May 2015, by

mBot: $49 educational robot for each kid | Kickstarter

ONE ROBOT PER KID. mBot is the easiest educational robot for kids to learn programming, Arduino and robotics.See it on, via Robotics...
08 April 2015, by

Ringo: An Arduino-powered robot bug for kids

Ringo is a friendly pet robot bug based on the Arduino UNO that was inspired and co-designed by my 1st grade daughter Hailey and my 3rd grade son Parker, who are both already writing C code. We star...
13 March 2015, by

ORIGIBOT: An affordable telepresence robotic test platform with arm and gripper

UPDATE 30/27/15 Thanks to all our supporters - especially our partner, Robohub! We surpassed our funding goal with time to spare! Now with just days remaining, we are hoping to reach our stretch goal...
17 February 2015, by and

5 tips on how NOT to run your crowd-funding campaign

Four successful startups and the president of Robohub have some advice for future crowdfunders. They've been there and offered the perk T-shirt, so listen up....
11 December 2014, by

Ground Drone Project: Urban mobile robot chassis

The Ground Drone Project wants to make a [tweetquote]low cost ground robot chassis for hobbyists and inventors that is capable of traversing challenging obstacles[/tweetquote]. The project’s origina...
13 November 2014, by

Maker Club: Learn to code, design and build 3D printed robots!

At Maker Club, we make 3D printed robotics projects that teach electronics, programming and CAD design. Every project is remote controlled using our Arduino-based bluetooth chip, the MakerConnect, and...
10 November 2014, by

New educational robot helps kids learn coding through music

Meet Wigl! Wigl is an interactive educational robot with a musical ear. We’ve launched our Indiegogo campaign for Wigl, the first musical robot buddy for kids. Wigl is controlled by musical notes th...
04 November 2014, by

Bionic Bird: A smartphone-controlled flapping-wing device | Indiegogo

“Bionic Bird is the fruit of more than 40 years of R&D. In the 1960s, the Van Ruymbeke family created the first successful mechanic bird. Edwin Van Ruymbeke, an aeronautic engineer, has dedi...
22 October 2014, by

ScratchDuino DIY magnetic robotics kit on Kickstarter

ScratchDuino is a highly customizable, simple and interactive open source robots construction kit based on Arduino. Magnetic mounted parts make the ScratchDuino easy to assemble, and can be programmed...
02 October 2014, by

Jibo campaign ends, takes in almost $2.3M

This weekend we became the #1 Most Successful Technology Campaign on Indiegogo ever when we broke $2.2M! We are both elated and deeply grateful to all our supporters for helping JIBO set a new recor...
22 September 2014, by

HelloSpoon: A fun, affordable mealtime assistant for people with upper limb disabilities

  Shaped like a baby elephant, HelloSpoon is a robot intended to help children and elderly with upper limb difficulties and special needs to have a fun and happy mealtime. The assistive robot ...
22 September 2014, by



AirDog, with Edgars Rozentals

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Edgars Rozentals, the CEO and Founder of Helico Aerospace Industries. They talk about Helico’s upcoming product ‘AirDog’, which is an autonomo...
21 September 2014, by

Jerry the Bear: A robotic learning coach for kids with type 1 diabetes

Less than three campaign days left! Back Sproutel’s crowdfunding campaign to [tweetquote]help get robotic healthcare coach Jerry the Bear into the hands of kids with type 1 diabetes. [/tweetquote]...
02 September 2014, by and

Edison: A low cost robotics platform

Edison is a programmable and LEGO-compatible robot that is tackling the high cost of entry level robotics; it has recently launched on Kickstarter, and is available for just $39 AUD ($37 USD) and le...
03 August 2014, by

Drone Startups: Maps Made Easy

Aerial mapping can be quite time-consuming and expensive. Even if you are employing a UAV to do it, it might take hours for all the post-processing, time-stamp shifting and deleting blurred photos. An...
30 July 2014, by

Jibo raises $1M in first week of crowdfunding campaign

On July 15th, Jibo launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with the goal of raising $100,000 towards developing their new social robot for the home. Less than one week later, Jibo surpassed the ...
23 July 2014, by

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