Dmitry Grishin

Russian robotics companies

Co-written with Susan McFarlane, robotguide, the guide to personal robots Most Russian robotics companies are clustered in north-western Russia, i.e., in St. Petersburg and Moscow, which correspond...
23 August 2013, by

Dmitry Grishin on evaluating robotic investment opportunities

As part of our series on high-risk, high-reward robotics, and as a follow-up to his recent Robot's Podcast interview, I asked entrepreneur and venture capitalist Dmitry Grishin to talk to us about how...
25 July 2013, by and

More space robots as Grishin funds NanoSatisfi

NanoSatisfi, a Silicon Valley based cubesat startup, today received $300,000 investment from Grishin Robotics bringing their total seed funding to $1,750,000, not including their initial successful Ki...
11 July 2013, by

Robot startup series #3: Elad Inbar & RobotAppStore I interviewed Elad Inbar, CEO of the RobotAppStore, just before the announcement that Grishin Robotics was investing $250,000 in this cloud robotics mark...
11 December 2012, by

Grishin Robotics invests in RobotAppStore

For Grishin Robotics, the future is in the clouds. Grishin Robotics are investing $250,000 into RobotAppStore, an online marketplace for robotics applications. It seems that Grishin is betting on t...
10 December 2012, by

Grishin Robotics invest in RobotAppStore

For Grishin Robotics, the future is in the clouds....
10 December 2012, by

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