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Halodi Robotics’ EVEr3: A Full-size Humanoid Robot, with Bernt Børnich

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Bernt Børnich, CEO, CTO, and Co-founder of Halodi Robotics, about Eve (EVEr3), a general purpose full-size humanoid robot, capable of a wide variety of tasks. ...
13 May 2019, by



IROS 2018 Exhibition (Part 1 of 3), with Gabriel Lopes and Bernt Børnich

In this interview, Audrow Nash interviews Gabriel Lopes, Robot and Control Scientist at Robot Care Systems, and Bernt Børnich, CEO and Co-founder of Halodi Robotics....
27 November 2018, by

Robots pick up the challenge of home care needs

This article was first published on the IEC e-tech website. Advances in sensors have increased the ability of assistive robots to perform domestic handling and mobility assistance tasks as well as ...
12 April 2017, by

Nate the Robot takes on eldercare!

Robot advances in eldercare....
14 November 2014, by

Reader poll: How much control should a bathing robot have? A few years ago, researchers at the University of British Columbia (AJung Moon, Peter Danielson and Mike Van der Loos) studied the public acceptance of a number of diff...
01 October 2014, by

Robot helps 94-year-old Italian grandmother live independently at home EU invests in new technology to support silver generation At 94, Grandma Lea could not live alone anymore, but she wanted to stay at home. She still doe...
05 May 2014, by

Robots at home: Interview with Assistobot CEO Tjin Van Der Zant

Tjin Van Der Zant helped found “Robocup at Home” in 2006, and since then the organization has spread to include a number of new locations everywhere from Brazil to Thailand. As a professor at the ...
05 January 2014, by and

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