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The Digger Foundation competing for a $1million prize

The DOME Project of the Digger Foundation has been shortlisted as finalist of the prestigious Robotics Award for Good taking place in Dubai in February 2017, where a $1million price will be awarded ...
30 January 2017, by

1.1M£ robotic “Porton Man” to test protective clothing for UK’s armed forces

UK’s Ministry of Defense invested 1.1M GBP in a new robotic mannequin that will test protective suits and equipment for the UK’s armed forces. The project is named “Porton Man” and is able to ...
07 April 2014, by

DARPA unveils new humanoid robot

  DARPA unveiled their new humanoid robot Atlas that will be used as part of their robotics challenge. It can tackle rough terrain and carry human tools.   See on DARPA website....
12 July 2013, by

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots: Let’s all stop them, shall we?

Killer robots. Looking at the two words together is enough to conjure up images of chaos and destruction.  They're an image far too familiar in science fiction settings such as Isaac Asimov or Ar...
27 April 2013, by

Stopping the deployment of “killer robots” | Humans Rights Watch

In November last year, the Human Rights Watch released the "Losing Humanity" report (which we've already covered on Robohub). This report discussed the role of robots in armed conflict, summarized th...
23 April 2013, by

Nate the Robot RH.3 – The Expendables

So if you really think about it, today's comic brings up several interesting issues regarding robots and war.  One that comes to mind that is certainly not anywhere near a reality, is what if robots ...
22 March 2013, by

Nate the Robot RH.2 – There’s Nothing Silly About War!

  Call of Duty : Robot Ops, sounds like a fun game, eh?...
15 March 2013, by



Demining and defusing, with Frédéric Guerne and Paul Bosscher

Link to audio file (46:31)In this episode we speak with Frédéric Guerne, director of Digger DTR, and with Paul Bosscher, chief robotics engineer at Harris Corp., about robots which assist us in demi...
15 July 2011, by

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