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As drone use flourishes, the FAA waivers, and Amazon is forced offshore

Funding continues to flow to drone ventures worldwide even as news from the FAA suggests it will be many years before true autonomous flight will be allowed in the US. Meanwhile Amazon feels they mus...
31 March 2015, by

Matternet launches drone delivery platform

I often speak about deliverbots — the potential for ground-based delivery robots. There is also excitement about drone (UAV/quadcopter) based delivery. We’ve seen many proposed projects, including...
31 March 2015, by

Amazon tests delivery drones at secret Canada site after US frustration

Exclusive: Guardian gains access to unnamed British Columbia site where tech giant’s roboticists and engineers are developing their unmanned delivery serviceSee it on, via Robotics...
30 March 2015, by

Google scraps initial ‘Project Wing’ plans for new secret design

The head of Google's moonshot lab Google X has recently announced they have scrapped the initial 'Project Wing' design that they have been testing in Australia. According to X lab Director Astro Te...
25 March 2015, by

Food delivery drones planned for restaurant chain & airport lounge

UPDATED 29.12.2014 Planned to be deployed at Singapore's Timbre Group 12-inch Pizza & Records restaurant in late 2015, these flying robotic waiters were recently presented to Singapore's Prime Min...
29 December 2014, by

DHL UAS parcel delivery gets first test

DHL launches first authorized autonomous delivery flights by "parcelcopter" to and from the North Sea island of Juist, 7.5 miles off the coast of Northern Germany....
24 September 2014, by

Delivery by drone: DHL testing service with 12-kilometre flight to German island | CTV News

Deutsche Post DHL says it is starting Germany's first drone package delivery service, a test program transporting medicine to a pharmacy on a North Sea island. The company said the quad-rotor "DHL Pa...
24 September 2014, by

New algorithm lets drones monitor their own health during long package-delivery missions | MIT News

In the near future, the package that you ordered online may be deposited at your doorstep by a drone: Last December, online retailer Amazon announced plans to explore drone-based delivery, suggesting ...
28 August 2014, by

Amazon requests FAA permission to test delivery drones

In April this year, issued a shareholder letter that stated: “The Prime Air team is already flight testing our 5th and 6th generation aerial vehicles…″ Fast forward three months to t...
14 July 2014, by

Amazon seeks FAA permission to test drones outdoors near Seattle

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc is seeking permission from U.S. regulators to test its delivery drones near Seattle, as part of a rapid expansion of a program that has sparked widespread deba...
13 July 2014, by

While the cat’s away, the mice play: What the drone delivery biz is doing while FAA ruling is under appeal

The Federal Aviation Administration’s rules on civilian use are currently on hold by a federal court, and in the interim, companies are scrambling to take advantage of using drones to deliver produc...
13 June 2014, by

HorseFly unmanned aerial parcel delivery system uses truck as base

Parcel delivery UAVs are a simple idea that requires a complex technology and great deal of vision. Matternet, and DHL (with their Paketkopter) are actively developing their drone delivery ...
11 June 2014, by

Amazon isn’t the only delivery service testing flying robots

... Amazon isn’t the only delivery service testing flying robots. DHL and microdrones are testing drones that could be used to deliver urgently needed goods to hard-to-reach places, eg, medicines to...
10 December 2013, by

Amazon announces plans for drone delivery service, says safety will be key priority

Amazon announced yesterday that it is developing a drone delivery service called Prime Air that will aim to get packages into customer's hands within 30 minutes. They are planning to launch as soon a...
02 December 2013, by

Delivered by drones: Are Tacocopters and Burrito Bombers the next Pony Express? | Slate

The drones are coming! The drones are coming! But this time they’re not armed with hellfire missiles. These drones are packing a new kind of heat: steaming pizzas, fresh tacos, and cold beer. ...
06 August 2013, by

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