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UAE launches “Robotics for Good” competition on the heals of Drones for Good success

Today the UAE's new International Council on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (iCAIR) formally announced the AI & Robotics for Good award. The goal of the award is to encourage robotics inno...
10 February 2015, by

Flyability wins $1M Drones for Good competition

Flyability, a spin off company from LIS, EPFL and NCCR Robotics, has won the $1M inaugural UAE Drones for Good competition with Gimball, the world’s first crash resilient drone....
10 February 2015, by

Flyability wins UAE Drones For Good Award

“Flyability SA is proud to announce that it has won the UAE Drones for Good Award, an international competition with a $1M prize money to reward uses of drones which have a positive impact on humani...
09 February 2015, by

Drones For Good Award announces semi-finalists

The semi-finalists of the UAE Drones For Good award have been announced. Here is a highlight of the international contenders; you can find the full list of semi-finalists on the UAE Drones For Good...
21 October 2014, by

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