Flying Donkey Challenge

A radical but possible plan to connect African nations with cargo drones | WIRED

In Phase 1, starting in 2016, drones will serve hospitals and humanitarian emergencies. Other early adopters will deliver small payloads to government offices, mines, oil and gas installations, ranche...
22 September 2014, by

Flying Donkey Challenge on hold as Kenyan authorities cope with Westgate Mall fallout

Today organizers announced that the first edition of the Flying Donkey Challenge in Kenya, which had preliminary sub-challenges slated to begin this November, is on hold indefinitely due to delays in ...
18 July 2014, by

Flying Donkey Challenge announces 33 entrants for first subchallenge

The Flying Donkey Challenge asks teams to create a UAV solution that can eventually circle Mount Kenya collecting and delivering 20 kilo payloads. The first subchallenge in this escalating task will t...
17 March 2014, by

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