Robohub roundtable: Job loss through automation, Foxconn controversy

Every few weeks, Robohub will post a roundtable chat and discuss an engaging topic relating to robotics. In this edition, we looked at the controversial job loss of 60K jobs by Foxconn. Is this substa...
21 June 2016, by

Foxconn shopping for robot manufacturer to keep pace with brisk Pepper sales

In an article about the pace of sales for the SoftBank Pepper robot, the China Post reported that Taiwan-based Hon Hai Precision (AKA Foxconn) has sent a team of 30 to survey the US market for futu...
05 January 2016, by

Foxconn and Alibaba invest in SoftBank Robotics as Pepper goes on sale in Japan

In a strategic move sure to have long-term ramifications, Foxconn and Alibaba each invested $118 million for a combined 40% share of the new SoftBank Robotic Holdings Group, an entity which holds Alde...
19 June 2015, by

Forget Google and unicorns, Asian dragons are going to dominate robotics

Yesterday SoftBank, FoxConn and Alibaba cemented a strong robotics initiative. Having acquired a majority stake in Aldebaran in 2012 (just after the Amazon acquisition of Kiva), SoftBank’s interest...
19 June 2015, by

Foxconn begins selling noodle-making robot

Early in 2014 Foxconn invested $25 million in Fu Jiang Robot Technology, a Shenzhen robot maker which had a dough-slicing device that was beginning to sell....
28 February 2015, by

10,000 robots to be used on new iPhone 6

MacRumors has done a roundup of iPhone 6 rumors, and reported that the new phone will come in two models: 4.7” and 5.5”, and will be released starting this September. The new phone will be fas...
24 July 2014, by

IFR Maker/User Panel at AUTOMATICA

In a crowded back room at AUTOMATICA 2014 in Munich, the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) sponsored a panel of prominent robot users explaining their needs to a panel of executives represent...
11 June 2014, by

The robots behind your Internet shopping addiction: How your wallet is driving retail automation

When you're shopping for the best online deals you're probably not thinking much about the massive distribution network required to bring that pair of shoes to your doorstep. Is your quest for the bes...
25 February 2014, by

Foxconn and Google cooperating to make robots

    In a Wall Street Journal story by Lorraine Luk, Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou met with Google Robotics Division Andy Rubin in Taipei recently and they discussed new robotic techno...
13 February 2014, by

Foxconn Foxbot update

Ilian Bonev, a robotics prof at the ÉTS in Quebec, blogged “The truth about Foxconns Foxbot industrial robots,” and included a 2008 Foxbot brochure which shows the specs for their entire robotics...
08 March 2013, by

The rise of the robots | chinadaily

Rising labor costs, innovation drive prompt companies to use more machines in manufacturing. As seen from a chinese perspective See on
05 October 2012, by

Companies transitioning from industrial to service robots

A version of this post originally appeared on Singularity Hub, June 6, 2012.By Frank Tobe, Editor and PublisherThe Robot ReportRobot manufacturers are beginning to shift theirattention from industrial...
07 June 2012, by

The Future of Chinese-manufactured Apple Products

China's economic miracle has lifted countless millions of supremely poor people out of poverty. But this progress has come at a price. The Apple Corporation's experience in manufacturing its popular i...
30 January 2012, by

The future of Chinese-manufactured Apple products

China's economic miracle has lifted countless millions of supremely poor people out of poverty. But this progress has come at a price. The Apple Corporation's experience in manufacturing its popular i...
30 January 2012, by

Robotics is a highly fragmented industry with few common standards or platforms

Imagine being present at the birth of a new industry. It is an industry based on groundbreaking new technologies, wherein a handful of well-established corporations sell highly specialized devices for...
06 December 2011, by

Huge employer in China makes big step toward robots

Foxconn, a big contractor for Apple and others, breaks ground for robot facilities. It plans to replace 500,000 workers with 1 million robots. Workers are seen inside a Foxconn factory...
18 November 2011, by

Lots of robots coming onboard in 2013, 2014 and 2015

Pure science is an integral part of robotics and often leads to solutions for strategic needs for an audience of willing buyers. Here are a few examples of that process from companies with products sc...
11 November 2011, by

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