Fotokite Phi GoPro-carrying quadcopter: Friendly, compact, light and affordable

Zurich-based robotics company Perspective Robotics this week unveils Fotokite Phi, their first consumer targeted, affordable, accessible, tethered flying camera. The Fotokite Phi is available now for ...
19 August 2015, by

Robohub launches Indiegogo partner page for crowdfunding robot startups

Are you planning to crowdfund your robot startup? Need help spreading the word?...
07 July 2014, by

Andra Keay on “What does it take to get from imagination to market?”

The rise of online crowdfunding platforms over the last decade has created a whole new pathway for some robot startups. In the process, crowdfunding campaigns have helped to catapult hardware and robo...
12 March 2014, by

Soon Internet crowdfunding sites will let investors buy stock

... Last year Congress passed Title III of the JOBS Act to allow smaller companies to get an exemption from the strict and costly rules controlling the sale of securities to individuals. ... The SEC ...
23 October 2013, by

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