Those amazing flying machines

Last year, Intel partnered with Lady Gaga on the Super Bowl Halftime Show to showcase its latest aerial technology called “Shooting Star.” Intel did a reprise performance of its Shooting S...
16 August 2017, by

Intel to acquire Mobileye for $15.3 billion

Intel announced plans to acquire Israel-based Mobileye, a developer of vision technology used in autonomous driving applications, for $15.3 billion. Mobileye share prices jumped from $47 to $61 (the t...
14 March 2017, by

CES 2017 pre-news: Ford Fusion, Nvidia, MobilEye, HERE, BMW, Intel and other partnerships

Thursday night, and I am heading off to CES, and it’s become the main show it seems for announcing robocar news. There’s already a bunch....
05 January 2017, by

Self-driving cars, networks, and the companies and people that are stimulating development

Intel is establishing an autonomous driving division; hacker George Hotz is open-sourcing his self-driving software in a bid to become a network company; LiDAR and distancing devices are changing. Wh...
06 December 2016, by

IBM, Intel describe experiential future for human-machine interaction

In keynote presentations at CES in Las Vegas last week, CEOs from IBM and Intel talked about disruptive changes in how consumers and businesses are transacting and interacting with their purchases....
21 January 2016, by

Intel acquires German drone startup Ascending Technologies

Intel Corp. has acquired German drone and autopilot developer Ascending Technologies. Ascending's LED light painting technology was used to fly and draw the Intel logo while the moves were shot wit...
06 January 2016, by

Intel’s 3-D printed robot will hit the market later this year | CNN

Intel plans to bring its fully customizable, 3-D printable robot kit to market by the end of the year, with a consumer version starting around $1,600. The hardware designs will be freely available...
29 May 2014, by

ShanghAI Lectures: Brian David Johnson “Brain Machines: Robots, Free Will and Science Fiction Prototypes”

Guest talk in the ShanghAI Lectures, 2009-10-29 How can science fiction help prototype emerging science theory and experimentation? Expanding on the framework of consumer experience architecture, t...
08 November 2013, by

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