Kiva Systems

Filling the void left by Kiva Systems’ 2012 acquisition by Amazon

In March 2012, in an effort to make their distribution centers (DCs) as efficient as possible, Amazon acquired Kiva Systems for $775 million and almost immediately took them in house. There was c...
14 April 2016, by

Meet the drone that already delivers your packages, Kiva robot teardown

There’s been a lot of talk about package delivery via flying drones. While this is an interesting vision of the future, current economics make this an unlikely substitute for base-load ground delive...
01 February 2016, by

While Amazon doubles its number of warehouse robots to 30K, competing systems emerge

Amazon announced that at the end of September they had 30,000 Kiva robots at work in 13 fulfillment centers, effectively doubling the number of Kiva bots that it had in 2014. "Our intent is to use...
02 November 2015, by

Amazon will be using 10,000 robots in its warehouses by the end of the year | CNN

CEO Jeff Bezos told investors at a shareholder meeting Wednesday that he expects to significantly increase the number of robots used to fulfill customer orders. There are currently about 1,000 robot w...
28 May 2014, by

Academic and industry collaboration (Part 4): Interview with Raffaello D’Andrea

In this 4th interview of our four-part ECHORD series, conducted last June, Sascha Griffiths from TUM talks to Raffaello D'Andrea, Professor of Dynamic Systems and Control at ETH Zurich and technical c...
28 February 2014, by

Kickstarter, Indiegogo and robotic start-up companies

At last weekend's Engadget Expand event in Fort Mason, San Francisco, Kickstarter's co-founder Yancey Strickler started off the show with a presentation of many of Kickstarter's crowd-funding success...
24 March 2013, by

Updated Robotics Roadmap presented to US congress

Henrik Christensen, the KUKA Chair of Robotics at GA Tech and Chairman of the Roadmap project, Rodney Brooks, CEO of Rethink Robotics, Pete Wurman, CTO of Kiva Systems, and Russ Angold, CTO of Ekso Bi...
22 March 2013, by

Robotics year in review: Top 10 stories of 2012

The past year was a watershed moment for robotics. From defense to exploration, startups to legislation, we saw products, laws, and investments that have shifted robotics out of the lab and into our l...
26 December 2012, by

Distribution centers: An emerging robotics frontier

Distribution centers (DCs) are massive warehouses that receive, inspect and store goods for later picking, packing and shipping to end-users, re-distributors or retail outlets. Products can be everyth...
03 October 2012, by

First Kiva Systems and now Intelligrated! Who’s next?

... What is it about automated robotic warehousing? Amazon just acquired Kiva Systems for $775 million and now Permira, a European private equity firm, announced that it was acquiring Intelligrated fo...
09 June 2012, by

Why robot startups now? Part 2

2. Broader Financial Climate A positive indicator for robotics startups is the improving financial climate. There are signs that the US housing market is stabilizing. Fannie Mae, the government bac...
11 May 2012, by

Another big robot acquisition: Amazon buys Kiva Systems

... Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) will acquire privately-held Kiva Systems for approximately $775 million! ... Kiva’s novel warehousing system uses robots to bring the shelves to the picker and packer in...
19 March 2012, by

Kiva Systems presents a glimpse of future pick n’ pack fulfillment

... At the recent Modex 2012 in Atlanta, Kiva Systems’ booth featured a fully-functioning warehouse operation where attendees walked up and placed their orders on an iPad and then picked their o...
24 February 2012, by

Modex 2012: Robotic and smart technologies for handling material in factories and warehouses

In the emerging world of service robotics, many markets are opening to robotics that were once only handled by industrial robot manufacturers. Safely unmanned, or working alongside human workers, in a...
15 February 2012, by

Kiva Systems starts rental program

... Good idea justs keeps getting better. Kiva Systems launches rental program to help businesses with high peak or seasonal demand....
16 June 2011, by

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