Technical challenges in machine ethics

Machine ethics offers an alternative solution for artificial intelligence (AI) safety governance. In order to mitigate risks in human-robot interactions, robots will have to comply with humanity’s e...
08 February 2017, by

This week’s military news

... The Northrop Grumman X-47B unmanned aircraft made its first aircraft carrier launch this week. Landings come later. ... The US Navy’s Naval Research Lab (NRL) flew a UAV for 48 hours, break...
15 May 2013, by

MotherboardTV documentary on drones This video, by MotherboardTV, was posted on YouTube in early December, but, at just over 50,000 views, it hasn't yet reached the audience it deserves. Not knowing muc...
09 February 2013, by

Losing Humanity: The case against killer robots

Released yesterday by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) organization, the report Losing Humanity: The Case against Killer Robots (herein: the report) and associated press release and video (below), w...
20 November 2012, by

Robotic dragonflies take to the sky (with your help)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the Robot Dragonfly from TechJect. Developed over four years by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology for the US Air Force, the researchers are now i...
08 November 2012, by

QNA’s tactical robot controller Many robots, one controller, or at least that's the idea. The Tactical Robot Controller (or TRC) is the latest innovation out of QinetiQ North America's Unmanned Systems G...
28 July 2012, by

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Army’s Robotics Rodeo tests newest gear

... The machines, viewed at a recent ‘Robotics Rodeo’ at an Army training school, protect soldiers, don’t panic under fire, are never distracted, and use an unblinking digital eye th...
03 December 2010, by



R&D at iRobot, with Brian Yamauchi.

Link to audio file (36:58)In this episode we look at the Research and Development (R&D) done at iRobot in the government field with lead roboticist Brian Yamauchi....
02 July 2010, by



Robot ethics (Part 2), with Ronald Arkin

Link to audio file (39:09)This episode closes a two-part special looking at ethical issues in robotics. Given the broad and controversial nature of this topic, we speak with two world-renowned experts...
27 February 2009, by



Robot ethics (Part 1), with Noel Sharkey

Link to audio file (44:17)In this episode we start a two-part special looking at ethical issues in robotics. Given the broad and controversial nature of this topic, we will speak with two world-renown...
13 February 2009, by

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