Write and play your own sheet music with the Gocen

The Gocen is a device which scans and plays handwritten sheet music in real time. It is being developed by a group at the Tokyo Metropolitan University led by Assistant Professor Tetsuaki Baba. "Firs...
09 November 2012, by

Robot video roundup: music+

This robotic installation actually plays the whole song 40°42’48.46 N 73°58’18.38 by German rock/electronic artist Bonaparte. Filmed by French team Jul & Mat, the installation is the brain ...
10 October 2012, by

Old flutist robot

It's always interesting to see robot creations from many years ago. You can learn a lot from some old ideas, and what people did when they didn't have the technology (or access to it) that we have tod...
03 October 2012, by

Tovbot’s Shimi at Google I/O Tovbot's Shimi made its first public appearance two days ago at Google I/O, where not just one but three Shimis performed in perfect coordination. Tovbot was formed earlie...
29 June 2012, by

Robotic musicianship

Shimon is an interactive robotic marimba player that can improvise both music and choreography in real-time to the melody of a human pianist. Playing an instrument does not make you a musician. To bec...
30 November 2011, by

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