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National Science Foundation

by   -   March 21, 2017

A bio-inspired gel material developed at MIT could help engineers control movements of soft robots.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) announced a $6.1 million, five-year award to accelerate fundamental research on wireless communication and networking technologies through the foundation’s Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) program.

Agency-wide effort to further science, engineering and education will address challenges in cities and communities nationwide.

Researchers use robot, mathematical models and studies of amphibious fish to explore critical evolutionary leap. The researchers developed a simplified, mudskipper-like version of a robot, which they call “MuddyBot,” on which they could systematically vary the angle and movements of the robot’s flipper-like limbs and tail.

by   -   June 9, 2016

The National Science Foundation have created some rather amusing motivational posters for the robotics community and enthusiasts.

Expo will feature a panel discussion with roboticists and demonstrations of novel co-robot research.

Solid State Lidar – the 3D Camera
June 29, 2020

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