Natural Language Processing

Designing Jibo’s automatic speech recognition, with Roberto Pieraccini

Finding the right approach to automatic speech recognition (ASR) has been a critical step in Jibo’s design: get it right and the experience will be great; get it wrong, and it could really take awa...
14 October 2015, by

Why are JIBO, Pepper, Siri, Google Now and Cortana so important?

There's a race going on to see which AI solution providing personal assistance is welcomed by businesses, end users and consumers, and whether this will be physical or virtual....
16 March 2015, by

Natural language: The de-facto interface convention for social robotics

Social Robotics: The UX of Natural Language A very smart and snotty journalist told me that he had spoken with Aldebaran's Pepper system when he was in Boston. Much to his chagrin, the robot didn't ...
21 January 2015, by

Inroads in perception

Google's recent acquisition of Emu Messenger is just one of many items in recent news about improvements in perception and artificial intelligence (AI)....
22 August 2014, by

The next era of conversational technology

In 1922, the Elmwood Button Co. commercialized a toy that could respond to voice commands. The toy, called Radio Rex, was a dog made of celluloid that would leap out of its house when you called its n...
04 July 2014, by and

Two ears, one mouth (or, Somatic analytics, and a talk with Dr. Skip Rizzo)

This article returns to the thread of the last few months by looking at how robots can measure our emotions and body language. My aunt, a Tennessee tobacco grower, used to remind me that God gave m...
20 November 2013, by

In-corporating body language into NLP (or, More notes on the design of automated body language)

This article discusses how body language is a part of natural language, personality, and NLP design. The article covers various methods for approaching this problem and makes recommendations for the r...
07 August 2013, by

Talking robot sent into space

Kirobo, a 13” humanoid robot, was launched today and is on its way to the International Space Station. A mashup of the Japanese word for hope, “Kibo”, and “robot”, Kirobo is designed to b...
04 August 2013, by

My robot is smelling my dirty laundry (or, Notes on privacy, PRISM, and home service robotics)

This article considers privacy in robotic systems (such as personal service robotics) as being of greater importance than privacy in telecommunications (such as Internet). We will return to our regula...
03 July 2013, by

“A Paro walks into a club…” (or, Notes on the design of automated body language)

This article discusses personality design and how proper natural language interface design includes body language.  The article is about the design of hearts and minds for robots. It argues that psyc...
05 June 2013, by

The uncanny valet (or, Notes on the design of robot psychology)

This article outlines the problems of today's phone and online help systems and offers solutions to conversational systems of tomorrow. The article is about the design of hearts and minds for robots, ...
04 May 2013, by

AFK (or, Robotic free speech, and what you can do to help)

This article looks at how the robotics industry of today is following in the footsteps of the personal computer industry of yesterday, and why Natural Language Processing, like the Graphical User Inte...
03 April 2013, by

The death of search (or, My dysfunctional relationship with Siri)

This article looks at the arrival of systems such as Siri, Google Now, and Watson and claims that these systems are the search engines of the next decade because they mine intimate data.  Since they ...
06 March 2013, by

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