Telcos vs. big data companies: Which sector will drive consumer robotics?

NTT’s recent entry into consumer robotics suggests that it’s not just about Google vs Amazon, or Softbank vs NTT anymore, but about telcos vs big data companies. With two major and distinct sector...
30 July 2015, by and

Softbank will take pre-orders for enterprise version of Pepper starting Oct 1

Developing Story: Softbank today announced that it will be taking preorders for the enterprise version of their Pepper robot, called "Pepper for Biz" starting October 1 this year. This comes one day a...
30 July 2015, by

Japanese telcos vie for share in consumer robot-as-a-service business

View image | Yesterday a second Japanese telecommunication firm entered the consumer robot-as-a-service market when the state-owned Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NT...
29 July 2015, by

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