Nat Geo’s Robots 3D proves that robots don’t need to be sci-fi to be compelling

Close up, in 3D, what jumps out at you is not just how astonishing today’s humanoid robots are, but also how miraculous the human body they mimic is. National Geographic’s Robots 3D is showing in ...
16 July 2015, by

Human insights inspire solutions for household robots

People typically consider doing the laundry to be a boring chore. But laundry is far from boring for artificial intelligence (AI) researchers like Siddharth Srivastava, a scientist at the United Techn...

Beaming-in to RoboBusiness 2013

RoboBusiness 2013, held last week at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, was a revitalized example of previous RoboBusiness events. Throughout the three-day event, there was renewed e...
27 October 2013, by

Video interviews from Robot Block Party 2013

On April 10th, Robot Block Party 2013 took place right after We Robot conference. Of course, I had an extra day to spend at Stanford University after the conference and couldn't miss out on the eve...
24 April 2013, by

So long, and thanks for all the bots!

So, depending on who you ask, Willow Garage is shutting down, pursuing commercial interests, or changing direction. But things are not as dire as some may think: ROS is fine (the OSRF will support it)...
12 February 2013, by

Moving objects on a tray without falling off

Keeping the tray level is not enough... for more info. See on
01 October 2012, by

PR2 robot plays pool

Willow Garage's Pool Shark team has programmed the PR2 to play pool, in what they call a short hackathon sprint.  Using a special bridge and grip, to allow it to power shots with wrist motions, its h...
09 September 2012, by

European Robotics Forum 2013 in Lyon, France

INNOROBO | Innovation Robotics Summit (European Robotics Forum 2013 in Lyon, France #robotique...)... See on
09 July 2012, by

The pursuit of collaboration

Two heads are generally better than one, and while that truism doesn't necessarily scale very well, it can and often does in the open source software movement.   Willow Garage is out to make it...
05 May 2010, by

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