California drone bill misses the mark

Last week, the California state Assembly approved Senate Bill 142 which, if adopted, would restrict drone operators from flying below 350 feet above ground level (AGL) over real property unless they o...
01 September 2015, by

Is surveillance the new business model for consumer robotics?

A discussion with Ryan Calo on Google, your personal data, and the consumer robotics market Can someone tell me: What's Google doing, making robots? Or at least: What is it doing, making such acqui...
06 May 2014, by

Privacy, Google, and Big Deals, with Avner Levin

Link to audio file (33:53) What does it mean to have giants like Google, Apple and Amazon investing in robotics? Since last December, Google alone has acquired a handful of companies in robotics, hom...
07 March 2014, by

How drones will change your life | CNN

While it may seem that drones are set to take over our lives, the reality is a bit more complicated. Drone usage around the world is definitely picking up in the public sector, but when it comes to co...
11 November 2013, by

Open season on drones? Town split over licenses to hunt unmanned aircraft

A town called Deer Trail, located an hour east of Denver, Colo., is considering issuing a novel kind of hunting permit. If passed, the town would give residents licenses to "kill" drones ... by shooti...
21 August 2013, by

My robot is smelling my dirty laundry (or, Notes on privacy, PRISM, and home service robotics)

This article considers privacy in robotic systems (such as personal service robotics) as being of greater importance than privacy in telecommunications (such as Internet). We will return to our regula...
03 July 2013, by

Ryan Calo on spyware for your brain

Ryan Calo discusses how researchers at Oxford, Geneva, and Berkeley have created a proof of concept for using commercially available brain-computer interfaces to discover private facts about today's g...
18 April 2013, by

Mayor Bloomberg to NYC: Domestic drones are inevitable | NBC News

When asked if drone use by the NYPD would be a good idea, New York City mayor Bloomberg replied, "It's not a question of whether I think it's good or bad. I just don't see how you could stop that beca...
01 April 2013, by

Journalism schools start teaching students to fly drones | RT

Next generation’s Walter Cronkites won’t be learning the traditional tricks and tips used by the journalists of today. Drones could be the next big tool for newsgathering, and some journalism stud...
01 April 2013, by

The more Americans know about drones, the less they like them |

In an influential 2011 article, "The Drone as Privacy Catalyst," law professor Ryan Calo predicted that the dystopian images that drones evoke could spur much-needed reforms to American privacy law. ...
27 March 2013, by

The death of search (or, My dysfunctional relationship with Siri)

This article looks at the arrival of systems such as Siri, Google Now, and Watson and claims that these systems are the search engines of the next decade because they mine intimate data.  Since they ...
06 March 2013, by

If I fly a UAV over my neighbor’s house, is it trespassing?

Even a toy drone with an HD camera scrambles our sense of property and privacy rights. See on
11 October 2012, by

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