Four-legged robot that efficiently handles challenging terrain

StarlETH is a multi-purpose legged transporter robot developed at ETH Zurich’s Autonomous Systems Lab. Combining versatility, speed, robustness, and efficiency, StarlETH walks, climbs, and runs over...
30 October 2015, by

Boston Dynamics announces new WildCat quadruped robot | Automaton

Boston Dynamics has just updated its YouTube channel with some new videos. One of them is an update on Atlas. Another is an update on LS3. And the third is this: WildCat, a totally new quadruped rob...
07 October 2013, by

Miniature quadruped robot is blazingly fast | IEEE Spectrum

This robot, which still doesn't have a name, is very compact (which measures just 6.5 x 5.5 x 1 centimeter), and according to its creators it is quite possibly "the fastest legged robot of its size." ...
05 June 2013, by

Quadruped robot ‘cheetah’ learns to walk using animal gait patterns | IEEE Spectrum

  This work shows that it's possible to derive gait primitives from motion-capture of an actual animal and adapt them to a robot.   Read more: IEEE Spectrum...
29 April 2013, by

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