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March 2017 fundings, acquisitions, IPOs and failures

March 2017 had 29 robotics-related startups get funding totaling over $222 million - another solid month for 2017 and $658 million year-to-date. Acquisitions also continued to be substantial with ...
10 April 2017, by

Researching robotics is getting easier

Complementing Robohub is new app “IEEE Spectrum ROBOTS,” which provides some news but has an extensive detailed section for current-day robots of all types: from exoskeletons to remote presence; f...
03 December 2012, by

Losing Humanity: The case against killer robots

Released yesterday by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) organization, the report Losing Humanity: The Case against Killer Robots (herein: the report) and associated press release and video (below), w...
20 November 2012, by

Robotic dragonflies take to the sky (with your help)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the Robot Dragonfly from TechJect. Developed over four years by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology for the US Air Force, the researchers are now i...
08 November 2012, by

3 reasons to crowdfund a robot

Kickstarter’s recent decision making it very difficult for hardware projects to use the platform just highlights two very useful things to know about crowdfunding. Firstly, not all crowdfunding plat...
26 September 2012, by

Robot culture blossoms in Bay Area |

They may not look exactly like their goofy, gangly ancestors on 60s TV, but the robots have begun to arrive -- and many of them are being sired right here in the Bay Area. See on www.siliconvalley.c...
24 September 2012, by

Be The Robot (BERO): Bluetooth controlled open source robot

BERO - A 4" multi-motor animated mobile robot with sound for being controlled by an Open Source Android / iOS APP via Bluetooth. See on
24 September 2012, by

Shimi: A smart musical robot for your iPhone

It’s a robot... It’s a speaker dock... It’s Shimi! The first smart musical robot that digs music as much as you do. See on
24 September 2012, by

“Lettuce Bot” rolls through crops, terminates weeds it visually identifies | Singularity Hub

"This agricultural robot is the product of Blue River Technology, an Indiana-based startup founded last year by two Stanford alums. The company looks to disrupt the herbicide industry by using sophist...
19 September 2012, by

Austin coffee robot Briggo looks to 2013 growth

Austin-based automated coffee vendor Briggo Inc. — which last week secured $2.8 million in financing — is preparing for an expansion that will bring more coffee robots to Austin next year and othe...
10 September 2012, by

Silicon Valley’s hardware renaissance

Faster ways to design, finance and build prototypes are cutting the costs and reducing the risks of developing new products, helping Silicon Valley return to its hardware roots. Great article, but ov...
28 August 2012, by

Robotic start-up companies: A glimpse at our robotic future

Click to enlarge and see details. This mash-up of our list of 160+ robotic start-up companies onto Google's global map graphically displays how widespread robotic inventions and inventors are d...
25 August 2012, by

The Kickstarter that actually happened: How Hexy got made, and fast | Wired Design |

Most college graduates celebrate by buying a new car or a computer; Joe Schlesinger bought a giant laser cutter. See on
24 August 2012, by

A #botiful evening at Robotics Meetup

Claire Delauney’s Botiful Kickstarter campaign is in its last hours and as she crosses the funded line, Claire shares with us some of her strategies and insights into running a successful Kickstarte...
22 August 2012, by

Forget the web, start-ups get real

As the frenzy over new Web companies like Facebook and Zynga fades, long-shunned consumer-electronics makers are finding new life in Silicon Valley.   The actual stats on Kickstarter for hard...
20 August 2012, by

Robotic start-up companies: A glimpse at our robotic future

Click to enlarge and see details. This mash-up of our list of 159 robotic start-up companies onto Google's global map graphically displays how widespread robotic inventions and inventors are di...
13 August 2012, by

Launching startups, with Andra Keay

Link to audio file (40:32)Today we talk with Andra Keay, founder of Robot Launch Pad, robotics startup accelerator based in Silicon Valley, about latest events, lean startup methodology, funding, and ...
13 July 2012, by

Robotics for small industry

Christchurch mechanical engineering firm Design Energy wants to make small Kiwi manufacturers more competitive with the help of robotics. See on
09 July 2012, by

The Robot Report startup map

Frank Tobe’s ‘The Robot Report’ has just launched a great map of global robot startups and he’d like your robot startup information… Please add to our list of global robotic start-up compan...
07 July 2012, by

Robot Launchpad Grand Challenge 2012

It’s our turn for a Grand Challenge! The prize will be a successful million dollar business. The catch is you build it yourself. The rules? Well, you don’t need to be a robot scientist to do it. Y...
04 June 2012, by

Why robot startups now? Part 2

2. Broader Financial Climate A positive indicator for robotics startups is the improving financial climate. There are signs that the US housing market is stabilizing. Fannie Mae, the government bac...
11 May 2012, by

Why robot startups now? Part 1

Now is the right time for robot startups. Why? The reasons range from changes within robotics to changes in the broader financial and technological environment. There is a critical mass which we belie...
10 May 2012, by

Robots. Startups. Women. Opportunity.

This guest post at Women 2.0 helped us have 1:3 ratio of women:men in robotics track at MEGA startup weekend. Women hackers wanted for robots at the Mountain View MEGA Startup Weekend! By Andr...
17 April 2012, by

Being startup robot shoes

What are the success strategies for robot startups? Hardware startups have specific issues to navigate, but the underlying question for innovative startups goes beyond the how-tos, how to build it in ...
04 April 2012, by

Mega Startup Weekend with robots

For the 1st time in startup weekend history, teams are asked to build robot startups in a 54hr challenge. Using just a mockup OR an existing robot platform OR all the robot resources you possess, can ...
28 March 2012, by

Why are we doing this?

You might think we’re crazy, organizing robot startup events and doing it all as volunteers. But if you know us, then you know that we are passionate about creating new robot businesses, growing new...
20 March 2012, by

Winners of Cloud Robotics Hackathon

….. straight from Robotics Hackathon HQ….. (Our CONGRATULATIONS to ALL especially Silicon Valley team OLogic !) We are very happy to announce the results of the Cloud Robotics Hackathon 2012...
13 March 2012, by

Cloud Robotics Hackathon update

Lots of hackathon stuff posted on our new Google+ page for Robot LaunchPad so check out all the videos/demos/pix. More than 60 people showed up to the Hackathon, making us the largest event next t...
05 March 2012, by

Cloud Robotics Hackathon

A good team has a balance of skills including people & design skills, learners and experts. The technical challenge is only one part of building a great robot demo. 1. Build robot 2. Connect...
24 February 2012, by

Robotics Hackathon launch party

Are you a Bay Area robotics hackathon team or just interested in robot startups? Join us at the Citrix Startup Accelerator for the launch of the Robotics Hackathon. The Robotics Hackathon is spon...
13 February 2012, by

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