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“Lettuce Bot” rolls through crops, terminates weeds it visually identifies | Singularity Hub

curated by | September 19, 2012

“This agricultural robot is the product of Blue River Technology, an Indiana-based startup founded last year by two Stanford alums. The company looks to disrupt the herbicide industry by using sophisticated object recognition through AI instead of broad scale herbicide spraying, potentially reducing its use by as much as 250 million pounds of chemicals in the U.S. annually.”

Khosla ventures have lead Blue River Technology’s $3.1million Series A funding round and Khosla have got an eye for disruptive technologies. Agricultural robotics is, however, relying on broader advances in object recognition and access to those object libraries. At the moment, Lettuce Bot is 98% successful in separating lettuce from weeds, but only recognizes 2 varieties of lettuce and every new vegetable will need a new database of images.
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