Dutch start-up launches next generation mapping drone

Drone company Atmos UAV has launched Marlyn, a lightweight drone which flies automatically, effortlessly and at high wind speeds. One of the first customers that signed up is Skeye, Europe’s leadin...
23 May 2017, by

Recap from International Robotics Week

It was the event we have worked towards since the founding of RoboValley: the International Robotics Week. Last week, we were able to show the whole world what RoboValley has built in the past years a...
26 April 2017, by

All algorithms on deck: Working on robotic ships

By: Jurjen Slump QR-codes that provide autonomous vessels with traffic information on buoys, ships or port buildings. Algorithms for controlling a ship’s unexpected movements. Fleets of autonomou...
20 December 2016, by

DelftAcopter: Innovative single-propeller hybrid drone

By: Jurjen Slump It takes off like a helicopter, then tilts 90 degrees and flies like a plane, using a single rotor blade. Because of that, it is light weight and can fly long distances. Meet the ...
19 September 2016, by

Future engineers build their own six-legged autonomous robots at Robot Camp

By: Rob van Dorp A room full of kids and it's quiet. The only sound is an occasional question. They’re all deeply concentrated on one task. These kids are participating in the first Robot Camp o...
08 September 2016, by

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